domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

INSIDE:Crystal Soda Cream-September/Persona Project-Behind the shadow and the Ghost/Electro Vampires=Confusion/This Cold Night-Silent Prayer/Hante.-Le Silence/Gémeos Arizona=Deserto/Neon Electronics-Wicked/Killing Time-Take my pain away/Tanks And Tears-Song for those who stay/She Past Away-Katarsis/Prinzhorn Dance School-Happy In Bits/Escarlatina Obsessiva-You're Invisible/Monowelt-Pustota/LUR LUR-Please Please Please/Atomic Neon-The Fog e Varsovie- Hotel Roma 

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

INSIDE:Japan Suicide=Naked Skin/Brandy Kills=Unicorn/Product Of Reason=Active Repetition/In A Lonely Place=The Pray/Peter Murphy=Tale of the Tongue/Psychedelic Furs=Fall/Sisters Of Mercy=Kiss The Carpet/Nuclear Waves=The End of the Cold War/Red Sun Revival=Mistakes/Rancho Relaxo=I'm Crying/LA Witch=Get Lost/Neon=Red Light/Boarding Surface=Nightlife/Elvis Costello=Pump It Up/Nev Cottee=When I Was Young e Legendary Tiger Man & Asia Argento=Il Serpentone

domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

INSIDE:The Dream Collision=This Poetry/Whitehorse=The One I Hurt/Scene Noir=Waves/The Sword=High Country/Secret Sight=Life/Japan Suicide=Naked Skin/Pop Dell'Arte=Green Lantern/Talloware=Remote Control/Frustration=Teens/Electro Vampires=Confusion/Prinzhorn Dance School=Reign/Tristesse Contemporaine=Fire/Beat Happening=Bewitched/Warmline=Fall Apart/Tanks And Tears=Hills of Death and Blood/The Cure=The Exploding Boy/Hamsas Xiii=Exploding Heart e Monowelt=Pustota

domingo, 9 de agosto de 2015

INSIDE: Forever Grey=The Red Hall/MeWithoutYou=Red Cow/Minuit Machine=Battles/The Widow's Ride=San Vicente/Qual=Desolate Discotheque/Plastique Noir=Point Break/Underground Youth=Scarlet Room/Soft Kill=Violent Mind/The Legendary Raw Deal=Ride On/Köban=Down in the Well/Prinzhorn Dance School=Crackerjack Docker/In Letter Form=Reflecting the Rain/Nina Hagen=UFO/Man Or Astroman=Destination Venus/EL VY=Return To The Moon/Come With Reverse=Crawling In A Wire e Tom Waits=Had Me A Girl

domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015

INSIDE:Tallowate=September Phone Call/Cold Comfort=In Circle/Soviet Soviet=Born Slippy/My Expansive Awarness=Wake Me Up/MeWithoutYou=Mexican War Streets/Wonky Doll And The Echo=Treasure/Electro Vampires=Black Bone/Prinzhorn Dance School=Reign/Blanche=Shirt/Schonwald=Rescue/Patti Smith=Come On In My Kitchen/Atomic Neon=The Running Girl/Lera Lynn=A Church/These Immortal Souls=You can't unrise A bell e Tom Robinson Band=Power In The Darkness

domingo, 26 de julho de 2015

INSIDE:Tanks And Tears=I'll Dry My Tears/Prinzhorn Dance School=Education/Yo La Tengo=Friday On My Mind/The Fall=Edinburgh Man/Confield=Our Room/Into The Mist=Devil My Angel/Atomic Neon=A Stranger/Varsovie=L'Éclaircie/Suicide Echoes=The Curse/Uni_form=Shadows/Agent Side Grinder=Into the Wild/Clan Of Xymox=Cry In the Wind/LUR LUR=Lullaby/The Box Tops=The Letter/Public Service Broadcasting=Night Mail e Motorama=Horse

domingo, 19 de julho de 2015

INSIDE:My Expansive Awareness=Circles/Atomic Neon=The Walking Dead/Waterfalls=Tonight/Köban=Standing On The Edge/This Grey City=Smashing Down/Ministry=Lay Lady Lay/NOTHING ALWAYS WORKS=In It/Tom Waits=Walk Away/The Wooden Wolf=Lullaby/Liaisons Dangereuses=Los Ninos Del Parque/Talking Bush=Overgrow/The Rope=Water To Wine/Tempers=Strange Harvest/Suicide Dada=Acque/InAd MemoriaM=Eternal Torment/Der Blaue Reiter=Through Glasses e Gémeos Arizona=LSD

domingo, 12 de julho de 2015

INSIDE:Boarding Surface=Nightlife/Japan Suicide=We Die In Such A Place/The Names=Hands Off Love/A Human=Black Moon/Persona Project=Behind the Shadow and the Ghost/Captain Beefheart&The Magic Band=Floopy Boot Stomp/Bell X1=The Great Defector/Red Zebra=I Can't Live In A Living Room/CatPeople=Radio/Opposition=My Room Is White/John & Jehn=London Town/Peter Hammill=Afterwards/Groove Armada=Look Me In The Eye Sister/Fat White Family=Touch the Leather/The Cultural Decay=End of Corridor/Inca Babies=The Interior/The Urban Voodoo Machine=Heroin e Hana B=I Miss You

domingo, 5 de julho de 2015

INSIDE:Cold Comfort=One Year Closer/Body Of Light=Hole in the Wall/Passion Noire=Sister Moon/Mall Walk=False Living/Koban=401a/Mercury Rev=Goddess On A Highway/The Gun Club=She's Like Heroin To Me/My Expansive Awareness=Hey You!/Minuit Machine=Alienation/Plastic Passion=Beneath the Light/I Heart Hiroshima=Well/Shadowhouse=Oldest Crime/IAMTHESHADOW=Hurts and Takes/Peter Hammill=Vision/Miserylab=Children of the Poor/Atomic Neon=Krank/Ascetic=Religion e Pere Ubu=414 Seconds 

domingo, 28 de junho de 2015

Inside:The Dream Collision=Here Is My Abyss/Psycho Mutants=No Hero/Circuit Des Yeux=Fantasize yhe Scene/Big Blood=Disintegration/Norma Loy=Dirt/Cold Grey Rain=Strange Connection/Indian Joy=Yanji Flowers/Japan Suicide=Insight/Wermut=Tus Manos Y Las Estrellas/Tanks And Tears=Danger/Slow Riot=City of Culture/Sisters of Mercy=Train/Forever Gray=Sourland/Tomorrows Tulips=Glued To You/Social Station=So Much e King Dude & Cheldea Wolfe=Be Free