segunda-feira, 15 de Setembro de 2014

INSIDE:Second Planet=Control/Alien Skull Paint=Impact/Confield=Our Room/Devo=Uncontrollable Urge/The Lucid Dream=I Got the Devil/Girls Names=Drawing Lines/The KVB=Between Suns/Human Tetris=My Story/Scene Noir=Cold Plastic/The Cold=After All/Personna Project=Enough/Crystal Soda Cream=Escape From Vienna/Hanni El Khatib=Heartbtreak Hotel/Patti Smith=After the Gold Rush/The Convent=Amsterdam/Buzz=Calcutta(The Names Cover)/The Warlocks=Dead Generation e Trent Reznor&Atticus Ross=Immigrant Song

segunda-feira, 8 de Setembro de 2014

INSIDE:Girls Names=Hypnotic Regression(Live)/Moimir Papalescu&Nihilists=Eighties Bar/Schonwald=In Our Angelhood/Permanent Confusion=I'll Wait for You/The Silent Party=The Hummingbird/Native Roses=Out of the Water/The Sound=Under You/Jeffertitti's Nile=No One/Voyvoda=Boylover James/Israel Regardie=Fragile Lovers/Electric Litany=In the Morning/Lur Lur=A Strange Kind of Love/Winter Severity Index=Woman's Prayer/Les Yeux Sans Visage=New Age/Jonathan Richman&The Modern Lovers=Afternoon e Lou Reed=Andy's Chest

segunda-feira, 1 de Setembro de 2014

INSIDE:Robyn Hitchcock=The Ghost In You/Labanon Hanover=Bring Your Own Wine/Ty Segall=Feel/Tones On Tail=Heartbreak Hotel/Tempers=Hell Hotline/Os Gnomos c/Adolfo L.Canibal/The New Royales=Fell In Love With A Girl/Bachelor=Wie Ich Wie Wir/Japanese Girl=A Tea with Twiggy Kasumi/Guilty Strangers=Forklift Pinchers/Veil Of Light=Light/Boris Dzaneck=Thin Man/Stranglers=The Raven/LA Hell Gang=Inside My Fall/Elvis Costello=Chelsea/M!R!M=Buzz Aldrin e Patti Smith=Dancing Barefoot Live in Germany 1979 

sexta-feira, 22 de Agosto de 2014

NSIDE:Rowland S. Howard=Dead Radio/Japan=Transmission/Courtney Barnett=History Eraser/Exploding Boy=Torn/Sods=Pathetic/The Names=The Astronaut/Christine Plays Viola=Leocadia/Opposition=Voice Has Changed/Mode IQ=Looking Through Your Mind/Low=Witches/The December Sound=No Heaven Like Hell/Sharks=Trains/Handsome Furs=Damage/Bob Dylan=Subterranean Homesick Blues/The Lollipops=You Forgot my Name/Red Riders=Feels Like Grace e Garbage feat.Brody Dalle=girls Talk 

terça-feira, 19 de Agosto de 2014

INSIDE:Eagulls=Never Endings/Partly Faithful=Aeroplanes/Lola Colt=Vacant Hearts/Poétique Électronique=Irregular Heartbeat/Patti Smith=Piss Factory/Front 242=Headhunter/Modern Lovers=Astral Plane/My Jerusalem=Preachers/The Cure=Secrets/Grant Lee Buffalo=Fuzzy/Gus Black=Paranoid/The Wake=Christine/The Forced Oscillations=Diaries/Skinny Puppy=The Omen/New Candys=Surf Little Surfer/Soviet Soviet=First Man,Then Machine/Spiral 69=Wedding Dress e Lyrebirds=Now I Know Why

segunda-feira, 11 de Agosto de 2014

INSIDE:The Dream Collision=We have loved,Let us see if that's all/Calla=Don't hold your breathe/The Walkabouts=On the beach/Plastique Noir=Rose of flesh and blood/The KVB=Cartesians Bodies/Ikon=Love is colder than death/The Interzone=Lose against time/Neue Strassen=Sneaking Glances/Soft Kill=Red walls/Modern Art=Confrontation/Dream Affair=Until the fall/Xeno & Oaklander=Shadow World/Also=Ice in our eyes/You Say Party!We Say Die=Loyalty/Résistance=Washed out colours/Archétypo 120=Too Much e Tom Waits=Jockey full of Bourbon

segunda-feira, 4 de Agosto de 2014

           OUVIR ALTO

INSIDE:Joseph Arthur=Heroin/Nico=Heroes/Daniel Ash=This Love/Flaming Lips=I Am the Walrus/Kristin Hersh=Wave of Mutilation/Melanie Safka=Purple Haze/Man Or Astroman=Mermaid Love/The Raveonettes=Kill!/Matthew Sweet&Susanna Hoff=Cinnamon Girl/The Sister of Mercy=The Damage Done/Richard Butler=Broken Aeroplanes/Cat People=Radio/2.54=Orion/Cocosuma=Charlotte's On Fire/Anna Calvi=Ghost Rider/Cocteau Twins=Strange Fruit/Cage The Elephant=James Brown e No Age=Ripped Knees 

segunda-feira, 28 de Julho de 2014

     INSIDE:The Veils=The Wishbone/Winter Severity Index=Candidate/Rainy Days Factory=All About Love/She Wants Revenge=Love My Way/Blessing In Disguise=Like Porpoises/The Sound=A New Way of Life/999=Feeling Alright With The Crew/Wayne County &The Electric Chairs=Wall Gity Girl/Sonic Youth=Hey Joni/Mão Morta=Até Cair/The Thin Crawl=Seventeen Seconds/Lur Lur=A Strange Kind of Love/Sunday Girl=Where Is My Mind/The Marginals=Hey/Le Days=As Long As You Win/The Radiacs=Do Bad Things e Black Rebel Motorcycle Club=Teenage Disease  


segunda-feira, 21 de Julho de 2014

INSIDE:Dominic Sonic=Cocksucker Blues/Night Sins=Neon Light Intoxication/Sisterhood=Jihad/Felt=Cathedral/Cat Power=I Can't Get No Satisfation/P.J.Harvey=Water/In Letter Form=Lie To Me/Born A Lion=My Black Horse/Art Brut=My Little Brother/Iggy Pop=Run Like A Villain/The Departure=Just Like TV/The Others=Stan Bowles/Customs=Rex/Riton=Killing An Arab/Psychedelic Furs=Alice's House/Kill Hannah=I Wanna Be A Kennedy/Nina Hagen=African Reggae/Buzzcocks=Moving Away From The Pulsebeat e The Beatles=Happiness Is A Warm Gun  


terça-feira, 15 de Julho de 2014

         OUVIR ALTO

INSIDE:People of Nothing=Unforgettable/Disappears=Replicate/Souvenir Driver=Philosophy/Neon=Red Light/Robots In Disguise=I Live In Berlin/Clair Obscur=Es War/Thea Gilmore=I'M Not Down/Sex Pistols=Submission/Interpol=Stella Was A Diver/NIN=We're In This Together/Radio Birdman=Alien Skies/16Horsepower=Day of the Lords/Lur Lur=Lullaby/The Rapture=Echoes/Ikara Colt=City of Glass/Peaches=Operate/The Clash=Brand New Cadillac e Herman Brood=Saturday Night