quinta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2018

INSIDE: MORTE PSÍQUICA=sensações descontroladas/OKTOBER DELUSION=poema/HUMAN TETRIS=here comes the rain again/CERULEAN VEINS=girls will dance/SINE CITY=the last train/SYNTAX=pride/MORRISSEY=satellite of love/THE VEILS=dancing with the tornado/GRUPPO SPORTIVO=I shot my manager/SHEITANS=drugstore/CURRENT 93=bright dead star/LIVING TEMPLES=against the day/SONSOMBRE=a dance by the graves/BLESSURE GRAVE=wasted time/XARAH DION=asphalt e MOTORAMA=this night 

quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2018

INSIDE: CABARET GREY=camels/SONSOMBRE=should I go on/A SLICE OF LIFE=sweet sin/ECHOES OF SILENCE=julian/BETTIE SERVEERT=something so wild/MITRA MITRA=telescopes/ATOMIC NEON=stranger things/BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat.ASHTON NYTE=storm/POPTONE=heartbreak hotel/DnA=jack the ripper/ASTARI NITE=unfulfilled promise/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=obscure/SPOON GOD=teenage death gang/STILL CORNERS=the message/BRAGOLIN=in our field of oaks e LUNA=that's what you always say

quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2018

INSIDE: A SLICE OF LIFE=liefde is oorlog/CREUX LIES=zone/EIRENE feat. PARIS ALEXANDER=moonshine/EUROPEAN GHOST=return/LUNA=anesthesia/MANICURE=under moscow/DLINA VOLNY=when i'm gone/SOFT KILL=the pearl/RASKOLNIKOV=hunde sind an der leine zu fuehren/THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE=stygian/STILL CORNERS=black lagoon/MITRA MITRA=I know/MY BEST FIEND=crystal glass/PERRALOBO=nichts ist für immer/DARK LAKE WHISPERS=son çivi/THE TWIST CONNECTION=dancin'in the dark2 e DEAF WISH=the rat is back

quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2018

INSIDE: ARCANJO=you don't know me/HANGING GARDENS=corpus/AGENT SIDE GRINDER remix ANTIPOLE PARIS ALEXANDER=in from the cold/FELT=I worship the sun/OPPOSITION=first thing/VIDEO SHOPPE=the gate/MOTORAMA=second part/A SLICE OF LIFE=the marionette/RUSSIAN BLOOD=skeletal coast/BRAGOLIN=to hide to shine to cross/STILL CORNERS=the message/GEOMETRIC VISION=79d/LUNA=speedbumps/WHISPERING SONS=waste e BOXES OF BLOW=in the end of the line 

quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2018

INSIDE: X-WIFE=turn the music on/THE VEILS=house of spirits/ACTORS=let it grow/RUSSIAN BLOOD=demon moon/DEAF WISH=ffs/THE ELECTRIC WEST=no palindromes/CONTRE SOIRÉE=oppression/KRISTIN HERSH=lax/THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL=laura palmer/ICY MEN=once/WARSAW PACT=day by day/LYDIA LUNCH=st. marks place/URZE DE LUME=entardece em mim/PATTI SMITH=people have the power/CRUEL WONDERS=sometimes a lover/FELT=roman litter e MARTA RAYA=follow your traces 

quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2018

INSIDE: A SLICE OF LIFE=sweet sin/A SLICE OF LIFE=caroline/LES YEUX SANS VISAGE=little girl/BOXES OF BLOW=no thing can change,it still remains/THE CLASH=hitsville uk/THE OPPOSITION=I want to believe/BELGRADO=in my head/HANGING GARDENS=corpus/LUR LUR=the river/VIDEO SHOPPE=the gate/LUNA=that's what you always say/TRISOMIE 21=take the shock away/THIS ETERNAL DECAY=away/MOTORAMA=one moment/IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN=saturnine/GRAND DUCHY=white out e BLIND SEAGULL=peau sensible 

quinta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2018

INSIDE: PARAGUAII=she kills everyone/MARTA RAYA=automatisch/A SLICE OF LIFE=sorrow/THE CITY GATES=indiana rock/MORRISSEY=jack the ripper/SWANS=celebrity lifestyle/BETTIE SERVEERT=feathers/IN MY ROSARY feat.SARA NOXX=don't cut these veins too soon/WHISPERING SONS=waste/CAMILLA SOMBRIO & ANTIPOLE=the moment of death/BLACK ASTEROID feat.ZOLA JESUS=howl/CLAIR OBSCUR=psychiatric/HEFNER=the sad witch/DARK NARROWS=visitation/LOVELY HEROIN=let me escape e DOUBLE ECHO=water's edge 

quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2018

INSIDE: RUSSIAN BLOOD=ghost head/WHITE MANSION=bloodshot/BBC=no redemption/RASKOLNIKOV=hochmut kommt dem fall/DARK NARROWS=plastic town/ASTARI NITE=divination/BRAGOLIN=into those woods/VANDAL MOON=lovely never/THE CITY GATES=echo Radio/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=blood red/THE DEAD SOULS=struggle/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/EUROPEAN GHOST=skeletons are dancing/SHILPA RAY=emt police and fire department/MARTYR WHORE=roseydolvet ballet e MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA & PHOEBE BRIDGE=the gold  

quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2018

INSIDE: BED LEGS=spillin'blood/BOXES OF BLOW=your presence/MARTA RAYA=vicious circle/TALK TO HER=zodiac/CLAN OF XYMOX=dancing barefoot/THE FALL=bill is dead/GEOMETRIC VISION=jelly dream/TRISOMIE 21=breaking down/I CAN FLY=new horizons/VOX LOW=you are a slave/BRAGOLIN=the grotesque dance/SOROR DOLOROSA=that run/THE WAVE PICTURES=jim/CRUEL REFLECTIONS=treasures/GIL SCOTT-HERON=me and the devil e RASKOLNIKOV=stockholm 

quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2018

INSIDE: IAMTHESHADOW feat.ANTIPOLE=the skin/BRAGOLIN=charcoal teeth and lies/NINA DE KIEV=memoria/DEAD SPELLS=dejá vu/SEMANTICS=painless/VICE DEVICE=even blind/MITRA MITRA=I know/SEDIMENT BRUISE=the gift/SUFFERING FOR KISSES=the waiting/NITE SHADOWS=hit you/NUMB.ER=father/CRUEL REFLECTIONS=bloom/DER NOIR=strangers eye/SUEDE=don't be afraid if nobody loves you/NECROMISHKA=evil e SILENT SIGNALS=banshee girl