terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2015

INSIDE:Alan Vega=Rebel Rocker/Black Angels=Young Men Dead/Chris Spedding=Gun Shaft City/Wave Pictures=Green River/Creedence Clearwater Revival=Sinister Purpose/Modern Jungleman=Woman From Dogtown/Luke Haines=Caravan Man/Tristesse Contemporaine=America/This Grey City=Smashing Down/Contre Jour=Into the Void/TV21=This Is Zero/The Names=Light/Captive=Black Leather Glove/Shadowhouse=Stay Away/Public Service Broadcasting=Spitfire/ASA=Hidden In The Forest/Devo=Jocko Homo e Terminal Twilight=Heartbeat

segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2015

INSIDE:Ascetic=Religion/Strange Harvest=Colonies/Christine Plays Viola=The Stars can't frighten Part I/Archie Bronson Outfit=Two Doves On A Lake/Viet Cong=Silhouettes/Band Of Skulls=Nightmares/Bauhaus=Boys/Silent Preacher=Soul Of A Man/J.P.Whipple=Gone/Eyeless In Gaza=Point You/Israel Regardie=Dead Birds/The Paper Road=So Tired/Radar Cult=Strange Enough/Futile Claps=Attention/13Candles=Lost Child/Tom Waits=Hell Broke Luce e Zombina and the Skeletons=End Of The World

segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2015

INSIDE:Radar Cult=Chemical Fire/Minuit Machine=She Devil/Melancholic Youth Of Jesus=Frustation/Veil Of Light=Shoulders/Void Vision=Slow Dawn/Monowelt=Mauer Des Schweigens/Pop Dell'Arte=Wild'n'Chic/Modern Jungleman=The Prophet/Plastique Noir feat.Karolina Escarlatina=Torn Brazil/The Vacant Lots=Mad Mary Jones/Double Echo=The Sentence/Danse Macabre=Wear Away/Future=Side Effects/Moscow Metro=Cosmos/Sexy And Color=Everybody Wants To Dance/Alan Vega=Saturn Drive/Then Come Silence feat.Anna Eklund=She Lies In Wait e Roma Amor=Cambodia 

segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2015

INSIDE:J.P.Whipple=Stain/Black Delta Movement=Blister/Modern Jungleman=This Is Not The World That I've Made/Black Angels=Entrance Song/Viet Cong=Continental Shelf/Daniel Ash=Coming Down Fast/Brandy Kills=Spirits and Tears/Ascetic=I Burn/Fear of the Storm=Sadness/Moscow Metro=Late Night Radio/Little Girls=Slowdance/Ghost Hunt=Shallow End/Dead Rabbits=Remember Me/Monowelt=Die Überschwemmung/Marc Seberg=Strikes/Tales And Melodies=Wheather and Pleasure e The Vacant Lots=She Smiled Sweetly

segunda-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2015

INSIDE:Desert Mountain Tribe=Coming Down/The Gary=Coming Up For Air/Froth=Bleak/The Soft Moon=Black/Strange Harvest=Astronaut/The Pop Group=Citizen Zombie/Teledrome=New Motion/The Rope=Jericho/Human Tetris=Summer In Crimea/Futile Claps=Attention/Motorama=Red Drop/Malcontent=Riot Sound Effects/Lur Lur=Shame(You Have No)Live/The KVB=Sympathy For The Devil/Roma Amor=On The Wire e The Growl=Douse the Lamps

segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

INSIDE:Modern Jungleman=Woman From Dogtown/General Decay=How We Lose/Roma Amor=Cambodia/Teledrome=New Vision/Birth Of Joy=Rock&Roll Show/Beastmilk=Death Reflects Us/Minuit Machine=Ghost/A Grave With No Name=Dig Me Out/The Fall=Extricate/In A Lonely Place=Lie/Lords Of the New Church=Dance With Me/Lur Lur=Lullaby/She Wants Revenge=Red Flags&Long Nights/Confield=Our Room/Alesia Cosmos=Pat'lin D'Merde/The Dream Collision=Thorns e Peter Hammill=Shingle Song

segunda-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2015

INSIDE:Ash Code=Waves With No Shores/Snake River Conspiracy=Love Song/Mortal Boy=Sweet Death and A Wedding Kiss/Savages=Husbands/The Damned=New Rose/Ty Segall=Feel/Tuxedo Gleam=In the Streets/People of Nothing=A Break To Cry/Life Model=Enough(To Know)/InAd MemoriaM=Wishful Thinking/Motorama=Heavy Wave/La Hell Gang=Inside My Fall/NU:N=Scorpio Rising/Desert Mountain Tribe=Rolling/Acapulco City Hunters=Chaser e Tuxedomoon=I Heard It Through The Grapevine

segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2015

INSIDE:Snake River Conspiracy=How Soon Is Now/Factice Factory=Glow/Malcontent=Broken Faces/Dead Curtis=Dead&Forgotten/The Paper Road=So Tired/Lack of Knowledge=Burried Alive/Tales and Melodies=Weather and Pleasure/Sonic Youth=Tom Violence/The Underground Youth=Damned/The Shimmer=The Name of Love/Minuit Machine=She Devil/Lur Lur=Prayer(Two Hearts Beating As One)/Contre Jour=Wild/Nobody Was There=Backyard Cineme/Black Swan Lane=Below the Sound e Patti Smith=Tarkovsky(The Second Stop Is Jupiter)  

segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014

INSIDE:The Shimmer-Wish/Little Girls-White Night/The Wands-War/Throwing Muses-Bright Yellow Gun/Pere Ubu-Road To Utah/Phobe Killdeer-Treadmill Zone/Messer Chups-Swamp Farming/Shilpa Ray&Her Happy Hookers-Filthy and Free/Crystal Stilts-Alien Rivers/Make Up-Hey Joe/Black Sabbath-St.Vitus Dance/Royal Trux-Deep Country Sorcerer/Motorama-She Is There/Suicide-Ghost Rider/Glass Candy-Warm In The Winter e Duncan Sheik-Shout

segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2014

INSIDE=Winter Severity Index=A Sudden Cold/Funny Death=The Colors of our Memories/The Dreams Never End=Deep/Tales and Melodies=Ode To the Moon/Siouxsie and the Banshees=Icon/We Came As Strangers=Shattered Matter/Sonic Jesus=Monkey On My Back/I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness=Walk Out/Principe Valiente=Fiction/The Shimmer=Super Dark/Black Islands=Icon's Lover/YTPO(Morning)=AyWn/The Silent Party=The Hummingbird/Acapulco City Hunters=Chaser e Camera=People Are Strange