domingo, 14 de julho de 2019

INSIDE: MÃO MORTA=tornados/JE T'AIME=spyglass/GLASSZONE=loving destruct/THE HOLY SPIRIT OF NOTHING=head drone/BODY OF LIGHT=don't pretend/A SLICE OF LIFE=the marionette/RHUME CARABINÉ=lonely way/LONG NIGHT=on a little snowy field/VIERANCE=black water/WARSAW=leaders of men/ALONE IN MY ROOM=i dont like to think/LUNA=ride into the sun/CONTRE SOIRÉE=inner fire/DARK WATER=chain of hearts/COLUMBARIUM STATION=holy mary witch e VIOLENT FEMMES=never tell

domingo, 7 de julho de 2019

INSIDE: O ALQUIMISTA=God walks with me/THE DREAMS NEVER END=cold dawn/THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT=immigration song/GREY GALLOWS=1982/TRUCK STOP ALIEN=the machine isn't living/HUMAN=last exit before the crash/NICOLE ATKINS & JIM SCLAVUNOS=a man like me/GLASSZONE=pictures of the past/SHADOW ASSEMBLY=black shadow of me/COLUMBARIUM STATION=is not here anymore/THE ENDLESS=if one coffin lid shuts another shall open/CRYSTAL SODA CREAM=totaler stillstand/THE ROOM WITHOUT SUN=lady in black/JESUS & MARY CHAIN=God help me/THE OPPOSITION=stranded/GOLDEN APES=oblivion e THE WANDS=she's electric 

domingo, 30 de junho de 2019

INSIDE : CRYSTAL SODA CREAM=rojava twins/THE MARQUIS=still not dead/ICE BATHS=simulation/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=ishmael's bones/RED VELVET DECEPTION=serpent/LONG NIGHT=arkham/THE WIDOW'S RIDE=let the lights burn/THE FATHER AND THE SUN=blood/SOFT KILL=saint/DEAN WAREHAM & CHEVAL SOMBRE=mountains of the moon/ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO & PETER PERRETT=waiting for me/GOLDEN APES=sleep/PLEASURES SYMBOLS=endless/NEIL YOUNG=campaigner/PATTI SMITH=when doves cry e SEMISONIC=closing time 

segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2019

INSIDE: JE T'AIME = a million suns/ THE BELLWETHER SYNDICATE = all fire/CREUX LIES = aines song/PROJECT PITCHFORK = the tide / PLEASURE SYMBOLS = image reflected / SILENT RUNNERS Remix by ANTIPOLE & PARIS ALEXANDER= roadkill / MINUIT MACHINE = prey/hunter / SUFFERING FOR KISSES = culture / DATA FRAGMENTS = drawing lines / THE FLOWERS = after dark / HUMAN = the wheel / MEDICINE BOY = more knives in Berlin / TOTENGELÄUT = deprived / VILLES NOUVELLES= kalt / CHELSEA WOLFE = the mother road / GALATÉE = le miroir fantastique / THE DO NOTS = do the do nots

segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2019

INSIDE: INCIRRINA=a little girl lost/BROTHERHOOD=voices/COLD SHOWERS=measured/TOTAL VICTORY=churchbuilder/DE VOLANGES=sentimental carnage/PETER PERRETT=once is enough/MISERY LOVES CO.=way back home/THE PINK DIAMOND REVUE=go go girl/PRISMATIC SHAPES=empty process/ICE BATHS=circuits/THE KENTUCKY VAMPIRES=darkness falls/GOLDEN APES=deliverance/THE ROOM WITHOUT SUN=hammerfist/PROFIT PRISON=a hotel/WALLS OF DADA=real/PYLON=functionality/MEKONS=harar 1883 e L'EPÉE=ghost rider 

segunda-feira, 10 de junho de 2019

INSIDE: SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=ghost wave/WISBORG=spirits that I called/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE feat.DITTA PERDITA=fall for it/SHE PAST AWAY=durdu dunya/THE SOFT CAVALRY=bulletproof/SPAIN=tennessee/PIXIES=on graveyard/DARK WATER=take the piss/ERYX LONDON=selfish/VEIL OF LIGHT=fact2019/WOVENHAND=crystal palace/CLOSED MOUTH=crashing out for you/FRENCH POLICE=je te veux/UNCLE'S CONFESSION=bez snu/THE DREAMS NEVER END=imagem e RED APPLE CVLT=under the rain 

segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2019

INSIDE: GLASSZONE=bloody hell/STRUCTURES=long life/BAMBARA=josé tries to leave/DARK WATER=poison/CRUEL REFLECTION=dead/THE SOUND=a new way of life/PAAR=crack/ELZ AND THE CULT=faith in me/AUTOPSIE D'UNE OMBRE=end of your game/HUMAN=quai des etroits/THE BLINDERS=orbit/ROSE OF THE WEST=roads/WARSAW PACT remix by ANTIPOLE & KILL SHELTER=day by day/SONSOMBRE=matte black/THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI=berlin/KAIA VIEIRA=make it your own way e SYZYGYX=heart frequencies 

segunda-feira, 27 de maio de 2019

INSIDE: DLINA VOLNY=black case/DUNE MESSIAH=silence and surrender/ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT=dart for my sweetheart/DRAHLA=stimulus for living/COLD SHOWERS=dismiss/TANGO MANGALORE=mort marin/NÜRNBERG=biessensounasc/BRANDENBURG=only you/SHE WANTS REVENGE=and a song for los angeles/THE ENDLESS=don't fear the night/ADRIAN BORLAND=coal/TOTAL VICTORY=national service/MINUIT MACHINE=empty shell/MONOWORLD=tahlia/2L8=desire desire desire/CHELSEA WOLFE=16 psyche e LOWER SAVAGE=latitude 333 

segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2019

INSIDE: THE PARKINSONS=bad wolf/JAPAN SUICIDE=mishima/DOUBLE ECHO=felix and tantrum/LA SCALTRA=good sinner/ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO=footsteps in the shadows/LEERE=baustelle/FAKE COMPLEX=the frowning daughter/MINUIT MACHINE=prey/hunter/RITUAL HOWLS=I can hear your tears/THE ROPE=lillian/JE T'AIME=a million suns/FRIGS=talking pictures/SHRIEKBACK=shovelheads/KILL SHELTER feat.SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=get down/POTOCHKINE=la fête de narcisse/FOTOCRIME=gods in the dark e MILLIKEN CHAMBER=bodies 

segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2019

INSIDE: THE OPPOSITION= in my eyes (Live at Radio Lodz 24Oct18)/IST IST=strangers/CLAN OF XYMOX feat. ANTIPOLE,PARIS ALEXANDER Remix=loneliness/THE TWIST CONNECTION=hey day/IAMTHESHADOW=fall apart/COSMIC WAVES=going south/JAPAN SUICIDE=mishima/THE BLUEBEARDS CASTLE=no redemption/SHRIEKBACK=and the rain/GLASSZONE=the curtain/MEKONS=andromeda/PETER PERRETT=once is enough/NOVA ET VETERA=so sick e PROFIT PRISON=epilog