segunda-feira, 28 de Julho de 2014

     INSIDE:The Veils=The Wishbone/Winter Severity Index=Candidate/Rainy Days Factory=All About Love/She Wants Revenge=Love My Way/Blessing In Disguise=Like Porpoises/The Sound=A New Way of Life/999=Feeling Alright With The Crew/Wayne County &The Electric Chairs=Wall Gity Girl/Sonic Youth=Hey Joni/Mão Morta=Até Cair/The Thin Crawl=Seventeen Seconds/Lur Lur=A Strange Kind of Love/Sunday Girl=Where Is My Mind/The Marginals=Hey/Le Days=As Long As You Win/The Radiacs=Do Bad Things e Black Rebel Motorcycle Club=Teenage Disease  


segunda-feira, 21 de Julho de 2014

INSIDE:Dominic Sonic=Cocksucker Blues/Night Sins=Neon Light Intoxication/Sisterhood=Jihad/Felt=Cathedral/Cat Power=I Can't Get No Satisfation/P.J.Harvey=Water/In Letter Form=Lie To Me/Born A Lion=My Black Horse/Art Brut=My Little Brother/Iggy Pop=Run Like A Villain/The Departure=Just Like TV/The Others=Stan Bowles/Customs=Rex/Riton=Killing An Arab/Psychedelic Furs=Alice's House/Kill Hannah=I Wanna Be A Kennedy/Nina Hagen=African Reggae/Buzzcocks=Moving Away From The Pulsebeat e The Beatles=Happiness Is A Warm Gun  


terça-feira, 15 de Julho de 2014

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INSIDE:People of Nothing=Unforgettable/Disappears=Replicate/Souvenir Driver=Philosophy/Neon=Red Light/Robots In Disguise=I Live In Berlin/Clair Obscur=Es War/Thea Gilmore=I'M Not Down/Sex Pistols=Submission/Interpol=Stella Was A Diver/NIN=We're In This Together/Radio Birdman=Alien Skies/16Horsepower=Day of the Lords/Lur Lur=Lullaby/The Rapture=Echoes/Ikara Colt=City of Glass/Peaches=Operate/The Clash=Brand New Cadillac e Herman Brood=Saturday Night


terça-feira, 8 de Julho de 2014

         INSIDE:Peter Matthew Bauer=Latin American Ficciones/Archie Bronson Outfit=Two Doves On A Lake/The Code and the Dream Collision=2=1/True West=Hold On/Spear Of Destiny=Outlands/Alejandro Escovedo=Sex Beat/Ash Code=I Can't Escape Myself/Liz Phair=South Dakota/Manicure=Voshod/Bob Dylan=Not Dark Yet/Son Of The Velvet Rat=Captain's Daughter/Killing Joke=Complications/Persona Project=Please/The Au Pairs=Armagh e Magnetic Poetry=Paper Hands


terça-feira, 1 de Julho de 2014

INSIDE:Ian Dury=Wake Up/Cloud Control=There's Nothing In The Water/Mark Lanegan=Where Did You Sleep Last Night/Lur Lur=Soul Queen/Bloc Party=Staying Fat/Kind Of Like Spitting=You/The KVB=From Afar/The Smiths=Sweet and Tender Hooligan/Duke Spirit=Howling Self/Christine Plays Viola=Atmosphere/Psychedelic Furs=All of This and Nothing/Singapore Sling=Over Driver/The Whip=Frustration/Crystal Soda Cream=Drag/Karen O and the Million Dollar=Highway 61 Revisited/Patti Smith=Frederick e The Coral Sea=Cold Eyes Down 

                 OUVIR ALTO

segunda-feira, 23 de Junho de 2014

INSIDE:Winter Severity Index=Candidate/Brandenburg=Empires/This Cold Night=DCDS/Gentleman In War=I Want Sometime/Persona Project=Damned/Mão Morta=Os Ossos de Marcelo Caetano/People Of Nothing=Haircut the Grass/The Cure=M/Be Forest=Sparkle/DarkDriveClinic=Litmus Heart/A Silent Noise=Tersicore/Principe Valiente=Fiction/Slug Guts=Cold Bones/Elephant Stone=LA Woman/Wonky Doll & The Echo=Strange Land e Negative Lovers=Flooded Eye

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terça-feira, 17 de Junho de 2014

            OUVIR ALTO

INSIDE:Saint Jude's Infirmary=The Church of John Coltrane/Love & Rockets=Kundalini Expres/Alan Vega=Station Station/Blonde Redhead=Hated Because of Great Qualities/Cold Showers=BC/Royal Trux=Deep Country Sorcerer/Eagulls=Possessed/Les Modules Etranges=Mental Pop-Up/Fucked Up=Paper the House/Clan Of Xymox=Tears Ago/Manicure=06naka/Throwing Muses=Ellen West/Echo & Bunnymen=My White Devil/The Raveonettes=Recharge&Revolt/Felt=Bathed the Golden Glow e The Waterboys=The Day I Ran Out of People

segunda-feira, 9 de Junho de 2014

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INSIDE:Neil Young=Reason To Believe/Motorama=Special Day/Noir For Rachel=I Hate You/Pale Pleasures=These Things/Olms=Something Silky/Victor Torpedo=Talking To The Shadows/Television=I See No Evil/The Make Up=Blue Is Beautiful/Sad Lovers And Giants=Colourless Dream/Rinocerose=Medecine/Minimal Compact=To Get Inside/Loop=Breath Into Me/September Girls=Sister/Siouxsie And The Banshees=Jigsaw Feeling/Miserylab=Cut/The Brian Jonestown Massacre=What You Isn't e The Dream Collision=Thorns


terça-feira, 3 de Junho de 2014

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INSIDE:The Black Angels=Soul Kitchen/Kitchen &The Plastic Spoon=The Poet/Mão Morta=História Da Cidade/Of The Wand And The Moon=Immer Vorwärts/Dream Affair=Syndrome/This Cold Night=Beast/Wire=Reuters/The Veils=The Wishbone/Electric Litany=In The Morning/Dial M For Murder!=You Can't Have Me/The Walking Who=Isn't That Dandy/Pretty Girls Make Graves=Blue Lights/Detachments=Endgame/The B-52's=Mesopotamia/Soror Dolorosa=Dany/Le Fant=Last Chance To Dance/Bradenburg=Till The End/Dead Guitars=Isolation/Camera=People Are Strange e Add N To X=Plug Me In


terça-feira, 27 de Maio de 2014

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INSIDE:Jarboe=Kiss of Life/White Ring=Hey Hey My My/People of Nothing=Hoax Nöse/Sophya=The Figurehead/Tom Vek=Nothing But Green Lights/The Opposition=Five Minutes/Modern Witch=Cant Live In A Living Room/Exploding Boy=40 Days/Vaniish=Kaleidoscoped/Nightmare Air=18 Days/Ski Patrol=Agent Orange/Genevieve Pasquier=Bouge/Sneaker Pimps=6 Underground/Doll & The Kicks=He Was A Dancer/Mr. Airplane Man=Commit A Crime/I Heart Hiroshima=Stop That e Semisonic=Closing Time