domingo, 28 de junho de 2015

Inside:The Dream Collision=Here Is My Abyss/Psycho Mutants=No Hero/Circuit Des Yeux=Fantasize yhe Scene/Big Blood=Disintegration/Norma Loy=Dirt/Cold Grey Rain=Strange Connection/Indian Joy=Yanji Flowers/Japan Suicide=Insight/Wermut=Tus Manos Y Las Estrellas/Tanks And Tears=Danger/Slow Riot=City of Culture/Sisters of Mercy=Train/Forever Gray=Sourland/Tomorrows Tulips=Glued To You/Social Station=So Much e King Dude & Cheldea Wolfe=Be Free 


domingo, 21 de junho de 2015

INSIDE:Horda 130=Monkey/Atomic Neon=A Stranger/Citizen=Stain/L.A.Witch=Heart of Darkness/Isolation Ward=Remember/Varsovie=Hôtel Roma/The Band In Heaven=The Boys of Summer of Sam/David Ford=There Is A Light that Never Goes Out/Darkroom=Fixing Pieces/Pere Ubu=Down by the River/Cold Grey Rain=Strange Connection/The Sound=We Could Go Far/Plastique Noir=Imaginary Walls/The Handsome Family=Far From Any Road/Whitehorse=Achille's Desire/Alberth deMuth=Finally Found A Job e 10000Maniacs=Everyday Is Like Sunday


domingo, 14 de junho de 2015

INSIDE:If I Die=A Nation of Sorrow/Atomic Neon=The Running Girl/Io Echo=I'm On Fire/Heretics=Killing Moon/Patti Smith Group=Space Monkey/L.A.Witch=Get Lost/Plastic Passion=We Have Come So Far/These Immortal Souls=You Can't Unring A Bell/The Marginals=I'm Sending A Signal Tonight/The Paper Road=The Night Away/Minuit Machine=How Soon Is Now/Tom Vek=I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes/Tamaryn=Cranekiss/Catatonia=Mulder and Scully/Isolation Ward=Still From Heaven/Homem Em Catarse=Évora/Jolanta Kossakowska=New Dawn Fades e Wall Of Death=From Hell With Love

domingo, 7 de junho de 2015

INSIDE: LUR LUR=Please Please Let Me Get What I Want/Ihe Rope=Poison Pill/Varsovie=L'Éclaircie/Band Of Skulls=The Devil takes care of his Own/Whitehorse=The One I Hurt/Spiral of Silence=She's Like A Suppo/A Jigsaw=Hardly My Prayer/Flowers Of Hell=Mr.Tambourine Man/Hugo Race & The True Spirit=Elevate My Love/Talking Heads=Electric Guitar/X-Wife=Movin Up/The Breeders=Happiness Is A Warm Gun/Shopping=The Wrong Way/Magnapop=Slowly Slowly/Future=Horizons/Les Yeux Sans Visage=Dearest/Sister Mystery=Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me e Graveyard Train=Get the Gold


domingo, 31 de maio de 2015

INSIDE:Gémeos Arizona=Deserto/Os Gnomos=Dispara sobre mim/Cold Grey Rain=Chloé/Unidentified Man=Chasing Objects/She Past Away=Katarsis/Shad Shadows=Minor Blues/Lone Lisbonaires=You've Got the Love/Clara Luzia=Sinnerman/The Indelicates=Sympathy for the Devil/The Wooden Wolf=Lullaby/Talking Heads=I'm Not In Love/X-Wife=Fall/No Tears=Brutal Killing/The Names=Kids On Fire/Silent Signals=Waiting For Reaction/Social Station=Awfully Pretty/Lur Lur=Prayer(Twi Hearts Beating As One) e The Vyllies=Exquisite Carcass 

domingo, 24 de maio de 2015

INSIDE:Persona Project=Please/Social Station=So Much/Bleib Modern=Winter mood/Strange Harvest=Colonies/Shopping=Everyman for Herself/The Wooden Wolf=A Little Bit of Cryin'/Agent Side Grinder=This Is Up/Ssleeping DesiresS=Years in Repair/Hapax=As Empty Shells/Killing Time=Take My Pain Away/Secret Sight=Earth Once Flows/Japan Suicide=A Mood Apart/The Valkarys=(Love's) A Losing Game/The Widow's Ride=San Vicente I/The Black Hotel's Doorskeepeers=You Go Away e Yowler=Water

domingo, 17 de maio de 2015

INSIDE:Suicide Echoes=The Dreadful Mistake/The Black Hotel's Doorskeepers=You Go Away/Israel Regardie=Fragile Lovers/Shopping=Sluff Off/Tempers=Hell Hotline/Jon Spencer Blues Explosion=White Jesus/The Black Spiral=The Red Bar/Varsovie=Austerlitz/Forever Grey=The Body/A Projection=This Is Not Me/LowCityRain=Grey View/Hanni El Khatib=Moonlight/Lebanon Hanover=Spirals/Hapax=As Empty Shells/The Chameleons=APerson isn't safe anywhere these Days/Serge Gainsbourg=Harley David Son Of A Bitch/The House of Love=Strange Brew/The Sound=All Fall Down e Rara Bird=Sympathy

domingo, 10 de maio de 2015

        OUVIR ALTO
NSIDE:The Paper Road=Love Me/Plastique Noir=Dead Boys/Grant Lee Phillips=City of Refuge/The Wooden Wolf=Lullaby/Isolation Ward=Still from Heaven/TwoOneSix=Beneath You/Killing Time=Refusal/The Wave Pictures=The Fire Alarm/Cock Sparrer=Take'Em All/IAMTHESHADOW=Hurts and Takes/Social Station=So Much/Kendra Smith=Valley of the Morning Sun/Uni_Form=Shadows/This Cold Night=D.C.B.S/The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion=Tales of the Old New York/The Meteors=Johnny Remember Me/Forever Grey=Sourdland/Les Baton Rouge=So Much For Evolution e Spooky Tooth=I Am the Walrus.

domingo, 3 de maio de 2015

INSIDE:Can Cun=Dancing(On The Thin Ice Floor)/Wildnorthe=Iron/Gémeos Arizona=Ficheiros Secretos/IAMTHESHADOW=The Winter's Long/Suicide Echo=Father/Smokehouse=Hoodoo Lover/The BHD(Black Hotel's Doorskepeers)=And After She Died/Dark Horses=Radio/Vile Oblique=Skin/Orchidée Noire=Monochromes/Les Yeux Sans Visage=New Age/Skywave=Over and Over/L'Avenir=Lever Du Soleil/120Days=So This Is Suicide/Night Sins=The Eternal Giver e Actors=Jacknife


domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

INSIDE:IAmTheShadow=Hurts and Takes/Yowler=Water/Orchidée Noire=Monochromes/The Go Go Darkness=Radio Talk/Violent Femmes=Promise/Red Lorry Yellow Lorry=This Is Energy/In Letter Form=Wait Now/Sexy and Color=Everybody Wants To Dance/I Heart Hiroshima=Well/Behind The Scenes=Fate/Black Orchestra=Body/New Candys=Dark Love/Public Service Broadcasting=Spitfire/Milton Star=Things Fall Apart/The Paper Road=Falling/Stranglers=Peaches e o Lou.