domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

INSIDE:CRYSTAL SODA CREAM=september/PUBLIC MEMORY=ringleader/BLEIB MODERN=lisa(danse)/TERMINAL GODS=god child/BRANCHES=slow rain of dust/WHISPERING SONS=wall/BABEL17=angels of tv/INDIAN ZEPHYR=we are/JAPAN SUICIDE=naked skin/DREAM AFFAIR=silent story/LUR LUR=lullaby/THE LIMIÑANAS=prisunic/ALL YOUR SISTERS=whites/ELECTRO VAMPIRES=black bone/IN LETTER FORM=lie to me/GÉMEOS ARIZONA=deserto e MARIJUANA DEATHSQUADS=ewok sadness

sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2016

INSIDE:LUX YURI=brother/FALL OF SAIGON=visions/MÃO MORTA=nuvens bárbaras/GEOMETRIC VISION=solitude of the trees/THE NAMES=the astronaut/ALEXANDER DUST=stupidity/SUNSHINE=neny/DREAM AFFAIR=from now on/HANDSOME FURS=damage/THE ADICTS=johnny was a soldier/LES MODULES ETRANGES=mental pop-up/BLACK MOTORCYCLE CLUB=whatever happened to my rock'n'roll/WU LYF=dirt/RENDEZ-VOUS=youth/THIS COLD NIGHT=enigmatic individual/NIGHT SINS=wild eyes/INAD MEMORIAM=unwritten law/SPEEDTWINS=my generation e HAUSFRAU=season of the witch

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

INSIDE:SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=ghost/RENDEZ-VOUS=plasticity/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=la croix/KATHLEEN HANNA=ha ha ha/RITUAL HOWLS=the scent of skin/KÖBAN=turn him on/RUSSIAN BLOOD=oneiric blackness/ALL YOUR SISTERS=an awakening/SPIRAL OF SILENCE=souls/SEMANTICS=my detainer/SILENT SIGNALS=rockets in the sky/POISON POINT=no radio/RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY=west wakes up/NIGHT SINS=wild eyes/THE VEILS=axolotl/HOT GUTS=edges/X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND=allein/THE FALL=frenz e EXIT 13=dark room

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016

INSIDE:LUR LUR=lullaby/WHISPERING SONS=time/CHARNIER=nudity/BLACK ORCHESTRA=desolated man/CRYSTAL SODA CREAM=work&velocity/THE HOLY SPIRIT OF NOTHING=never call/JAPAN SUICIDE=do you remember Marx/PLANE TICKET=postcard from Glasgow/HORROR VACUI=5000/WARMLINE=empty/DREAM AFFAIR=405/THE MARY ONETTES=lost/RUSSIAN BLOOD=spectral visions/HAND OF DUST=the last one/VENN=real blood/VAGUE SCARE=elegant crime e FALL OF SAIGON=she leaves me all alone

domingo, 31 de julho de 2016

INSIDE:SILENTPORTwithLADY GHOST=it's my guilt/ACID GHOST=I don't need you/THEO HAKOLA=blank generation/CASUISTRY=innards bloom/HOT GUTS=edges/CONTREPOISON=heartbeat/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=fake/DOUBLE ECHO=fiction/RENDEZ-VOUS=youth/DREAM AFFAIR=apology/ON THE RADAR=strangers on a train/GIRLS NAMES=exploit me/TRAITRS=youth cults/GUILTY STRANGERS=the dreaming/LUX YURI=brother/LUR LUR=prayer(two hearts beating as one) e LIZ DURRETT=in a manner of speaking  

domingo, 24 de julho de 2016

INSIDE:SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=oceans of pleasure/LUX YURI=dry mouth/THIS GREY CITY=flow/SILENT SIGNALS=nordstern/BABAL 17=new age/BLACK ORCHESTRA=instinct/CONTREPOISON=I keep on searching/SHAD SHADOWS=lisbon decadence/HAND OF DUST=the last one/THEO HAKOLA=the only church/SYLVIA PLATH&THIS HEAT=secret/ATOMIC NEON=empty/THIS COLD NIGHT=each other/LAKES=blood of the grove/POISON POINT=osiris temple/BOY HARSHER=last days/OPPOSITION 16=new homes e MOTORAMA=holy day

domingo, 17 de julho de 2016

INSIDE:BLIND DELON=edouard/BLACK ORCHESTRA=body/IN A LONELY PLACE=pulse/IN LETTER FORM=end times/BRANDENBURG=electricity/KÖBAN=caesar/RUÍDOS=sleeping death/SECRET SIGHT=need/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=the weight of your tears/MOTH=silk ribbon/LCD SOUNDSYSTEM=north american scum/THE WHISPER GAME=perfect spies/BABEL 17=angels of tv/JAPAN SUICIDE=the prisoner/P.J.HARVEY=guilty e STRAP ON HALO=hunger

domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

INSIDE:OPPOSITION16=breaking the silence/NIGHT SINS=the stranger/SILENTPORT.STILLIFE=ever after/EUROPEAN GHOST=preset/STRAP ON HALO=monsters/THIS COLD NIGHT=holding on/SUPERNOVA 1006=feel/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=president gas/VANDAL MOON=father/THE HOLY SPIRIT OF NOTHING=vain/WHISPERING SONS=tidal wave/KÖBAN=we run red lights/BRANCHES=slow rain of dust/GILD THE MOURN=shade/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=erin shoreII/MINUIT MACHINE=june 7 e ASH CODE=posthuman

domingo, 3 de julho de 2016

INSIDE:IAMTHESHADOW featKRIISTAL ANN=memories/GEOMETRIC VISION=never stop the dance/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=in a dream/SYNTHS VERSUS ME=the march of death/MOTORAMA=holy day/DEAD CURTIS=diagonal/FAUNLET=the poet and the whore/COLD SHOWERS=double life/ELECTRO VAMPIRES=angel reaper/BLACK MARBLE=pretender/LUST ERA=un mal sueno/THE WARLOCKS=dead generation/SCEAMING FOR EMILY=just a lie/A SECOND OF JUNE=sleep widow/INDIGNU=onde as nuvens se cruzam e S.C.U.M. =amber hands

domingo, 26 de junho de 2016

INSIDE:LUR LUR=soul queen/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=tunnel/CUT CITY=void/WHISPERING SONS=shadow/DIAL M FOR MURDER=you can't have me/ATOMIC NEON=the fall/PROJECT:KOMAKINO=walking on glass/CHARNIER=shot me/REMAIN IN SILENCE=tears can't bring you back/EUROPEAN GHOST=unreal space/SNIPS=mr.dillinger/HUMAN TETRIS=stenciled views/BABEL 17=in distress/SINGAPORE SLING=life is killing my rock'n'roll/TOM WAITS=satisfied/GÉMEOS ARIZONA=deserto e WERMUT=lycia's song