sábado, 21 de outubro de 2017

INSIDE:A SLICE OF LIFE=panic attack/MY SILENT AWAKENING=greehouse of the dogs/ANTIPOLE=october novel/SID SUICIDE=talvez a perder/NIGHT THOUGHTS=cold world glancing/THE GLUTS=come to fire/VELVET KILLS=that joke/THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=if it serves you/THE RAVEONETTES=apparitions/PALAIS IDEAL=crossfade/ALL THEM WITCHES=dirt preachers/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=lost/PROTOMARTYR=dope cloud/EUROPEAN GHOST=soldato d'elite/THE PUBLIC ROOM=virado à nascente/GILD THE MOURN=shade/TINDERSTICKS=her e JUNK RIOT=all is well 

sábado, 14 de outubro de 2017


           OUVIR ALTO

INSIDE:THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=transmissão de tristeza/ANTIPOLE=summer never ends/JUNK RIOT=spare heads/NIGHT THOUGHTS=century eyes/SECRET SIGHT=swan's smile/PROTOMARTYR=my children/HAVAH=al di fuori del male/ASTARI NITE=divination/MORRISSEY=spent the day in bed/LOVE LIKE BLOOD=ylene/DEAD CURTIS=nihilism/PERRALOBO=el camino del hombre muerto/PARADOX OBSCUR=twilight/A TRANSITION=obscure/NOPPULSE=adjustment/COLDGEIST=warm hands/BESTIAL MOUTHS=worn skin/THE WATERBOYS=the connemara fox e PERSON:A=ghost town

sábado, 7 de outubro de 2017

INSIDE:LUR LUR=a strange kind of love/SEMANTICS=games/SWANS=mona lisa mother earth/ELSIANE=paranoia/RL BURNSIDE=it's bad you know/THE MOURNING PARTY=deadly fix/SLUG GUTS=stanglin'you too/NONN=hills/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/MALA HERBA=rusalki/MARCHING CHURCH=let it come down/STAN RIDGWAY=mission bell/TERMINAL TWILIGHT=the fire of love/VALLEY OF THE GIANTS=westworld/MOON DUST feat.LORY FAYER=in onyria's dream e SWELL=love you all

sábado, 30 de setembro de 2017

INSIDE:WALLENBERG=legalize/ATOMIC NEON=the void/THE MARQUIS=still not dead/CHAD VANGAALEN=mind hijacker's curse/METRO VERLAINE=codeine cabaret/VELVET KILLS=fill me out/IN LETTER FORM=face in the crowd/THE ROPE=touch of ghosts/RITUAL HOWLS=blood red moon/PALAIS DES BAUZARDS=in the grassfield/SOROR DOLOROSA=the end/ANTIPOLE=insight/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=plastic/BESTIAL MOUTH=heartless/AME DE BOUE=la neige sale/LUNA=most of the time/APSE=3.1 e REMOTE-CONTROL=exposure 


sábado, 23 de setembro de 2017

INSIDE:THE DREAMS NEVER END=uvb76/ASTARI NITE=divination/ANTIPOLE feat.PARIS ALEXANDER=all alone/PALAIS IDEAL=crossfade/CERULEAN VEINS=kiss me kill me/THE WATERBOYS=do we choose who we love/FREQUENCE NOIR=i could die/CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA=poles apart/THE PURGE=faith & trust/DAYDREAM CATHEDRAL=love my way/LOCK HOWL=the seventh room/NONN=lost/IN LETTER FORM=edison's medicine/BAICAL=estimating love/BLEIB MODERN=mirror e SECOND STILL=strangers  

sábado, 16 de setembro de 2017

INSIDE: FREQUENCE NOIR=cold hands/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=blood red/LOCK HOWL=lost in the static/NEW AGE HEALERS=with regrets/NONN=need/THE CHOSEN SONS=berlin city lights/PARADOX OBSCUR=ashes/PERRALOBO=ardan humanos/SECRET SIGHT=take it or leave it/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/VANDAL MOON=lovely never/JONNY TEARDROP=shotgun/ANTIPOLE=dans l'entrée/L'ORDRE D'HELOÏSE=ABIME/MOONDUST feat.LORY FAYER=in onyria's dream/DIE SELEKTION=dir & mir e KRISTIN HERSH=sunb low

sábado, 9 de setembro de 2017

INSIDE:GRANDFATHER'S HOUSE=drink of you/MALARÏA=kaltes klares wasser/MERRY'S FUNERAL=among the cherry blossoms/ANTIPOLE feat.PARIS ALEXANDER=shadow lover/SOROR DOLOROSA=the end/THE MEDECINE DOLLS=she taste like cocaine/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=plastic/ASTARI NITE=waves/WHISPERING SONS=white noise/THE DREAM SYNDICATE=filter me through you/THE ESSENCE feat.SAD LOVERS & GIANTS=a reflected dream/NEIL YOUNG=hitchhiker/THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN=i hate rock n roll/THE WHITE STRIPES=let's shake hands/PJ HARVEY=66 promises/ATOMIC NEON=we kiss e ASAF AVIDAN=your ancor 

sábado, 2 de setembro de 2017

NSIDE: IAMTHESHADOW=erosion(so close)/ANTIPOLE=someday 45/BASEMENT TAPE=time/DE VOLANGES=waves of amber/ASTARI NITE=red letter day/NABTA=no words/IN MY ROSARY=a kiss to you/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=river/JOY MUST REMAIN=division/RENDEZ VOUS=white dress/THE THE=dog of lust/MY JERUSALEM=death valley/THE VEILS=in the blood/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=dance with her/THE WARLOCKS=only you e CHAD VANGAALEN=kill me in my sleep

sábado, 26 de agosto de 2017

INSIDE:SID SUICIDE=tabu/THE VEILS=house of spirits/THE GRID=misery/PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING=go/VÖLKOVA=the call/SEMANTICS=my detainer/SPIRIT VALLEY=waiting for real/INTROVERTS=there is no real me/THE LIAR SCRIPT=all my frustrations/PLEASURE FOREVER=king cobra in the gut of valhalla/THIS COLD NIGHT=bedlam/THE WALKABOUTS=the dustlands/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=bride/RODOLPHE BURGER & PHILIPPE POIRIER=will you dance/NON-ALIGNMENT PACT=lights/ALMOST ANYONE=where was i when i left/EX-RZ feat. FENNE KUPPENS=17 seconds e BILLY MACKENZIE=give me time 

sábado, 19 de agosto de 2017

INSIDE:SID SUICIDE=talvez a perder/IAMTHESHADOW=winning/THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=if it serves you/SORRY,HEELS=carving a smile/THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN=mood rider/TERMINAL GODS=road of the law/NON-ALIGNMENT PACT=lights/DECADES=tonight again/SEXTILE=one of these/HAUSFRAU=season of the witch/TEMPERS=tail in my mouth/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=rain/BLEIB MODERN=mirror/BAICAL=tender whips/A PROJECTION=dark city e CIRCA TAPES=reality believes