quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2018

INSIDE: IAMTHESHADOW=all I know/MITRA MITRA=opportunity/SILENT SIGNALS=there is no end/ROZZ WILLIAMS=the angels/POPTONE=performance/THE DARK SHADOWS=distant mind/BOXES OF BLOW=in the end of the line/DEAD CURTIS=dark night of june/BAICAL=war scene/EUROPEAN GHOST=black ocean/SHE WANTS REVENGE=red flags and long nights/HANGING GARDENS=videodrome/BRAGOLIN=to hide to shine to cross/PARADOX OBSCUR=artifact/PIL=whole life time/A SILENT NOISE=lone way e INTERNAL/EXTERNAL=the skin 

quinta-feira, 5 de julho de 2018

INSIDE: THE DREAMS NEVER END=imagem/POPTONE=heartbreak hotel/WHITE MANSION=bloodshot/BELGRADO=wake up/THIS COLD NIGHT=mars/ECHOLUST=superposition/CUT CITY=lke ashes,like millions/WEATHERED STATUES=dark tides/GEOMETRIC VISION=79d/IDLES=mother/WIRE=reuters/ESSES=glorious poison/TRISOMIE 21=glistering like gold/DEATH BY LOVE=when the lights come out/ANTIPOLE feat. EIRENE=part deux/CONDEMNATUS feat. LORY FAYER=a promise left behind e WOVEN HAND=your Russia.  

quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2018

INSIDE: A SLICE OF LIFE=feel like crazy/ATOMIC NEON=stranger things/WILD WOMEN & THE SAVAGES=bang!you're dead/CABARET GREY=camels/RASKOLNIKOV=3.00 AM/NUMB.ER=a memory stained/FOTOCRIME=the rose and the thorn/AZTEC DEATH=zombie gold/BRANDENBURG=the thing/LUR LUR=the river/SHILPA RAY=burning bride/HUMAN=quai des etroits/MAYFLOWER MADAME=before i fall/ACTORS=face meets glass/THE BREEDERS=wait in the car e GLASSZONE=time 

quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2018

INSIDE: ANTIPOLE feat. EIRENE=part deux/AZTEC DEATH=no reason/IAMTHESHADOW=fall apart/FOTOCRIME=gods in the dark/NITE SHADOWS=shines/KILLING JOKE=so36/BRANDENBURG=only you/THIS IS THE BRIDGE=mirrors/ESSES=glorious poison/WIRE=strange/IRL (IN ROTTEN LAND )=birth/DAVID EUGENE EDWARDS & ALEXANDER HACKE=triptych/GIRLS NAMES=25/BLACK BOX RECORDER=kidnapping an heiress/GRANT LEE PHILLIPS=the wilderness e IDLES=danny nedelko 


quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2018

INSIDE: BED LEGS=dance/A PROJECTION=hands/NUMB.ER=numerical depression/CLAN OF XYMOX=your kiss/ELECTRO IN BLACK=love has never called/CRUEL REFLECTIONS=lonely people/MERRY YOUTH=everyday/SOFT KILL=swaddle/DOUBLE ECHO=la danza/SAD LOVERS & GIANTS=beauty is truth/TRAITRS=lya/SIGLO XX=the art of war/TRISOMIE 21=see the devil in me/MAYFLOWER MADAME=lovesick/GEOMETRIC VISION=tombs are seeds e IDLES=mother 

quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2018

INSIDE: NO!ON=red alert/GLASSZONE=structure of life/AZAR SWAN=dance before the war/BRAGOLIN=to hide to shine to cross/I CAN FLY=oceans beyond earth/SPOON GOD=teenage death gang/EUROPEAN GHOST=dream house/ASH CODE remix SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=if you were here/IN LETTER FORM=am regret/WINGTIPS=eyes shut to the sky/IAMTHESHADOW=la pluie/TRAITRS=pale/IRL(IN ROTTEN LAND)=5 death/RASKOLNIKOV=stockholm e THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=the deception 

quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2018

INSIDE: THE TWIST CONNECTION=dancin'in the dark2/THE NAMES=astronaut/MITRA MITRA=i know/TRAITRS=omen/LIZARD SMILE=silence in your eyes/MAYFLOWER MADAME=before i fall/PERRALOBO=nicht ist für immer/BRAGOLIN=this grotesque dance/KISS OF THE WHIP=cloven night/THE MARY ONETTES=the companion/GREY GALLOWS=ice/GRANT LEE PHILLIPS=the wilderness/FELT=vasco da gama/ACTORS=crystal/GUILTY STRANGERS=forklift pinchers e SOCIAL STATION=sky will fall 

quinta-feira, 24 de maio de 2018

INSIDE: THE DREAMS NEVER END=the second life withing our dreams(lyrics Lory Fayer)/DEATH BY LOVE=when the lights come out/HUMAN=last exit before the crash/ACTORS=slaves/DOUBLE ECHO=period rooms/EUROPEAN GHOST=skeletons are dancing/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=plastic/FOTOCRIME=duplicate days/A PROJECTION=exit/SONIC JESUS=september 9th/ANTIPOLE feat. L'HORDRE D'HÉLOISE=demain a commencé/HEAVEN 17=(we don't need this)fascist groove thang/METRO VERLAINE=hate/TRAITRS=window from the old house/DEATH OF LOVERS=quai d'horsay/WEATHERED STATUES=the silver cliff/AME DE BOUE=freedom will kill us e TWO PEOPLE=I'm tied,to you 

quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2018

INSIDE: CRUEL WONDERS=sometimes a lover/LES MORTS=the eyes of despair/SECOND STILL=in order/JAPAN SUICIDE=circle/LEBANON HANOVER=my favorite black cat/BOY HARSHER=lust/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/FRIGS=chest(stream)/SHOPPING=shave your head/SOFT KILL=cry now,cry later/ARCADE FIRE=month of may/WEATHERED STATUES=corpse candle/SONIC JESUS=i hope/THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE=willow dance/FOTOCRIME=the rose and the thorn/CHRISTIAN DEATH=venus in furs e EELS=gone man 

quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2018

INSIDE: CABARET GREY=empty/IN LETTER FORM(ANTIPOLE,PARIS ALEXANDER REMIX)=edison's medicine/GLASSZONE=time/FOTOCRIME=at play in the night tide/I CAN FLY=new horizons/SUFFERING FOR KISSES=lust/ELEMENT OF CRIME=take me to the river/FRIGS=II/PJ HARVEY=hair/THE EXPLODING BOY=alarms in silence/VUE=girl/PROTOMARTYR feat.KELLEY DEAL=wheel of fortune/INFINITE VOID=dark dreams/ESCAPE WITH ROMEO=cold future/ICY MEN=once e CARLO ONDA=club of lonely hearts