terça-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2019

INSIDE: HUMAN=cage the monster/BRAVE YOUNG YEARS=immer fuer dich/LONG NIGHT=arkham/THE DROWNING SEASON=eyes of heaven/THE PURGE=something that isnt me/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=I give myself/THE KENTUCKY VAMPIRES=daughter of the morning star/TOPOGRAPHIES=open up/CRUEL REFLECTIONS=voices/PLOMB=death row/TRIPLESUN=I can see/JEFF CLARKS=romeo and juliet/LUR LUR=a strange kind of love/CLONE=shout e VITOR J. MOREIRA= amor maior 

terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2019

INSIDE: ET3R=the mask/THE PURGE=only black/NICE COLD NATION=borders/HUMAN=the wheel/BLACK EGG=meaningless/KILL SHELTER feat. THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=get down/BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat. ASHTON=road to rosario/UIU=the sorrow of yesterday/CREUX LIES=made/SONSOMBRE=nocturnal/GHOSTLAND=leave behind hollow moon/JOY/DISASTER=eletion/MEDICINE BOY=water girl/THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS=late night show e TOTENGELÄUT=love me 

quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2019

INSIDE: THE DREAM COLLISION= in fear/ECHOING DRIFTERS=luna lava caves/DISTANCE,LIGHT & SKY=dont go dark on me/CHAD VANGAALEN=mind hijacker's curse/INDUSTRIAL PARK=valantine/LUNA=fire in cairo/ANTIPOLE feat. EIRENE=part deux/PALAIS DES BAUZARDS=in the grassfield/CREUX LIES=tsavo/THE ROPE=touch of ghosts/THE FATHER AND THE SUN=culture/FOTOCRIME=the rose and the thorn/SONSOMBRE=one way out of heaven/BAUHAUS=a god in an alcove e SINE CITY feat. HANTE.=on water's edge 

quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2018

INSIDE: THE TWIST CONNECTION=who are these people/THE SALT ROSE=going to war/CURSES=crucify/SYDNEY VALETTE=back from mexico/SIGLO XX=autumn/HONEYMOON COWBOYS=everything is on fire/I CAN FLY=new horizons/HOUSE OF HARM=snowblind/A SLICE OF LIFE=older/DYADON=falling/BOXES OF BLOW=in the end of the line/ELECTRO VAMPIRES=vamps/SHOPPING=shave your head/ACTORS=slaves/UIU=clouds/THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE=stygian e THE BREEDERS=wait in the car 

terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2018

INSIDE: HUMAN=this part of me/BRAGOLIN=tired eyes,tired feet/MARK E. MOON=electronic/I CAN FLY=orion/MORGUE POETRY=trust/TRAITRS=the suffering of spiders/LOBBY=collapse/FOTOCRIME=Gods in the dark/DRAMA=troubled/HOLYGRAM=she's like the sun/THE CITY GATES=sad sad surf/BAUHAUS=bite my hip/VILLES NOUVELLES=kalt/ANTIPOLE remix ASH CODE=closer/SYDNEY VALETTE=my bike/MARTA RAYA=those severe times e AUTOBAHN=fallen 

terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2018

INSIDE: MORTHEM VLADE ART=the fall grass/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=blood red/GHOSTLAND=the dancing crowd/NITE SHADOWS=shines/INCIRRINA=mad song/ANTIPOLE feat EIRENE=part deux/TRISOMIE 21=alice/TOTENGELÄUT=ashes/HUMAN=feeding the ocean/THE AWAKENING=back to wonderland/BRAND NEW=Jesus Christ/NONN=home/ANIMAL ROJO=on my grave/THE OPPOSITION=stranded/MORTE PSÍQUICA=olham e sorriem e THE WANDS=she's electric 

terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2018

INSIDE: MARTA RAYA=automatisch/LOVELY HEROIN=let me escape/TALK TO HER=zodiac/FOTOCRIME=gods in the dark/THE FALL=Bill is dead/KILL SHELTER feat. PEDRO CODE=hollow/GALATÉE=je suis ici pour partir/THE BONNECOLLECTORS=bela lugosis dead/THE CLASH=hate war/THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE=the church of the goat/WHISPERING SONS=fragments/HUMAN=feeding the ocean/SYNTHS VERSUS ME=are friends electric/ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN=bring on the dancing horses/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/ST. VINCENT=perfect day e HANTE. remix ANTIPOLE, PARIS ALEXANDER=empty space 

quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2018

INSIDE: WILD WOMEN AND THE SAVAGES=memento mori/KILL SHELTER feat.BRAGOLIN=as trees do fall/MORGUE POETRY=killing spree/IST IST=exist/THEN CAME THE RAIN=dystopia/MORTHEM VLADE ART=his striped suit/SHE KEEP BEES=our bodies/BURZINSKI=a strange day/CURRENT 93=bright dead star/DRAA=in ecstasy/ROSI=gezähmt/SHAD SHADOWS=metal/SONSOMBRE=a dance by the graves/THE KENTUCKY VAMPIRES=daughter of the morning star/AUTOPSIE D'UNE OMBRE=end of your game e NEIL YOUNG=campaigner 

quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2018

INSIDE: MALCONTENT=just loneliness can save the world/ASH CODE=down in the park/THE OPPOSITION=let it burn/VILLES NOUVELLES=schneller/PRIMITIVE LIPS=as they walk/HUMAN=breakin'up the shackles/THE SWEET KILL=soul satellite/NONN=clear/THE BLINDERS=l'etat c'est moi/HOLYGRAM=modern cults/BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat. W. HUSSEY & S.GALLUP=man of faith/DUENDE WITH DAVID J.=queen moon & the brazen bull/VANDAL MOON=wild insane/BAMBARA=wild fires/VNV NATION= Radio e LA GRAZIA OBLIQUA=verso aden 

quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2018

INSIDE: SUPREME SOUL=house of pleasures/PSYCHIC GUILT=north post/WHISPERING SONS=no image/WIRE=strange/DUENDE WITH DAVID J.=in the shadow of 45/TRISOMIE 21=betrayed/RENDEZ-VOUS=last stop/LA GRAZIA OBLIQUA=genealogy/TSUNAMIZ=era noite e levaram/THEN CAME THE RAIN=no play boy/KILL SHELTER feat. BUZZ KULL=bodies/VIVA NON=killing time/JADU HEART=the cure/DEUS FAUST=vampyres like us/MARIANNE FAITHFULL=no moon in Paris e NECROMISHKA=evil