quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2018

INSIDE: SUPREME SOUL=house of pleasures/PSYCHIC GUILT=north post/WHISPERING SONS=no image/WIRE=strange/DUENDE WITH DAVID J.=in the shadow of 45/TRISOMIE 21=betrayed/RENDEZ-VOUS=last stop/LA GRAZIA OBLIQUA=genealogy/TSUNAMIZ=era noite e levaram/THEN CAME THE RAIN=no play boy/KILL SHELTER feat. BUZZ KULL=bodies/VIVA NON=killing time/JADU HEART=the cure/DEUS FAUST=vampyres like us/MARIANNE FAITHFULL=no moon in Paris e NECROMISHKA=evil 

quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2018

INSIDE: MORTE PSÍQUICA=o conforto do desconforto/WHISPERING SONS=no time/BAMBARA=backyard/A SLICE OF LIFE=sweet sin/THEIA TRAGODIA=siamese twins/DISTANCE,LIGHT & SKY=dont go dark on me/HONEYMOON COWBOYS=closed souls/DAVID J.= feel like Robert Johnson/JADU HEART=heroin song/ECHO & BUNNYMEN=seven seas/MEDICINE BOY=yellow-eyed Radio blues/CAPCAP...CAP=peaces/THE LAST TOWN CHORUS=modern love e THE DREAM COLLISION=in fear 

quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2018

INSIDE: DESOLATE MAN= maio/EUROPEAN GHOST=soldato d'elite/PARIS ALEXANDER feat. EIRENE=so many things/THIS ETERNAL DECAY=eternity/RENDEZ-VOUS=lakes/THE BLINDERS=gotta get through/VISIONS IN CLOUDS=beauty/TROUBLE FAIT'=post punk night in Paris/LA GRAZIA OBLIQUA=genealogy/BRAGOLIN=tired eyes tired feet/TESS PARKS & ANTON NEWCOMBE=die neue welt/JON SPENCER=I got the hits/KRISTIN HERSH=lady godiva/BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat.EVI VINE=I will follow you e CREUX LIES=simulacrum 

quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2018

INSIDE: GLASSZONE=bloody hell/DUENDE with DAVID J.=motor city squeeze/THE BLINDERS=orbit(salmon of alaska)/NEIL YOUNG=campaigner/KVB=no shelter/HOLYGRAM=a faction/KILL SHELTER feat. ANTIPOLE, DELPHINE COMA=in decay/ASYLUM PARTY=pure joy in my heart/LOVE HATE AFFAIR=obsession/MICHELLE GUREVICH=something has changed/AUTOPSIE D'UNE OMBRE=end of your game/SUIR=122 eyes/WHISPERING SONS=hollow/LUNA=time to quit/BAMBARA=josé tries to leave e OPPOSITION=big room,small view 

quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2018

INSIDE: AUTOPSIE D'UNE OMBRE=could you help me/ANTIPOLE(ASH CODE REMIX)-closer/IORIGUN=fight to forget/VNV NATION=light go out/THE BLINDERS=l'etat c'est moi/THE OPPOSITION=somewhere in between/BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat.WAYNE HUSSEY e SIMON GALLUP=man of faith/CINERAMA=get smart/HOLYGRAM=signals/PSYCHIC GUILT=stark/TESS PARKS & ANTON NEWCOMBE=please never die/LITTLE FANTASTIC PARTNER=art of death/MONOGRAPHIC=the old ones/THE CARAMEL EXILE=lisa/CREUX LIES=eulogy e BRITTA PHILLIPS=drive 

terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2018

INSIDE: ANTIPOLE/PARIS ALEXANDER Remix GEOMETRIC VISION-jelly dream/THE COVENTRY=the art of survival/CURSES=silence in the dark/HOFFEN=shalom/JOE STRUMMER=czechoslovak song/where is england/STAN IVANTSOV=rain/ULTRVIOLENCE=dead bedrooms/THE KVB=above us/SWEET SPECTRA=under the bloody moon/SHE WANTS REVENGE=red flags and long nights/WDNxH=apology/CRUEL REFLECTIONS=treasures/KRIISTAL ANN=black art/IAMTHESHADOW=reaching the ground/GRAN=I know/SADAEMON feat. LORY FAYER=the law of infinite e SUEDE=life is golden

quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2018

INSIDE: TIAGO GOMES&TÓ TRIPS=banana king/CRUEL WONDERS=the fever called living/BELA GOOSY=sex&drugs&religion/SO WHAT?=enter the batcave(and dance)/MOSCOW OLYMPICS=second trace/THE FATHER AND THE SON=blood/TENEBRE=your reflection/OCTOBER BURNS BLACK=arrowhead/ROSKOLNIKOV=3.00am/A SLICE OF LIFE=older/CREUX LIES=silhouette/SHAME=concrete/ROSI=kopf/SINE CITY feat. HANTE=on water's edge/ATOMIC NEON=the void/THE DURUTTI COLUMN=a beautiful thought e BOB DYLAN=if you see her say hello

quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2018

INSIDE: PARIS ALEXANDER & EIRENE= destination/THE MARQUIS= still not dead/JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS= London is burning/THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH= take me awry/CREUX LIES= virginity/THE FATHER AND THE SUN = culture/OPPOSITION= If that wasn't love/ROSI = trennen/XTR HUMAN= disturbia/ULTRAVOX = saturday night in the city of dead/SEXTILE=disco/WHISPERING SONS0=alone/SONSOMBRE=one way out of heaven/DEAD VIBRATION=prayers for rain/MARIANNE FAITHFULL & NICK CAVE=the gypsie faerie queen/COLIN DEVLIN=high point e MOTORAMA=bering island  

quinta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2018

INSIDE: MORTE PSÍQUICA=sensações descontroladas/OKTOBER DELUSION=poema/HUMAN TETRIS=here comes the rain again/CERULEAN VEINS=girls will dance/SINE CITY=the last train/SYNTAX=pride/MORRISSEY=satellite of love/THE VEILS=dancing with the tornado/GRUPPO SPORTIVO=I shot my manager/SHEITANS=drugstore/CURRENT 93=bright dead star/LIVING TEMPLES=against the day/SONSOMBRE=a dance by the graves/BLESSURE GRAVE=wasted time/XARAH DION=asphalt e MOTORAMA=this night 

quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2018

INSIDE: CABARET GREY=camels/SONSOMBRE=should I go on/A SLICE OF LIFE=sweet sin/ECHOES OF SILENCE=julian/BETTIE SERVEERT=something so wild/MITRA MITRA=telescopes/ATOMIC NEON=stranger things/BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat.ASHTON NYTE=storm/POPTONE=heartbreak hotel/DnA=jack the ripper/ASTARI NITE=unfulfilled promise/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=obscure/SPOON GOD=teenage death gang/STILL CORNERS=the message/BRAGOLIN=in our field of oaks e LUNA=that's what you always say