domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2016

INSIDE:L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=tunnel/DEATH BY DELIRIUM=you can't beat the clocks/NICE COLD NATION=ugly show/LUR LUR=shame(you have no)/ELECTRO VAMPIRES=black bone/ATOMIC NEON=the walking dead/GÉMEOS ARIZONA=deserto/DEAD CURTIS=can't get back no more/SECRET SIGHT=need/THIS COLD NIGHT=black cathedral/MOTH=drown/SOFT KILL=heresy/SHE WANTS REVENGE=never/SUICIDE ECHOES=lucifer/FIGURE STUDY=wait/CHARNIER=pictures e INNERTHOUGHTS=psychotic words  

domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2016

INSIDE:MORTE PSÍQUICA=era luz/THE DRYWALL PROJECT=police call/THE WIDOW'S RIDE=mankind/THE DOGGS=hit me/CRYSTAL SODA CREAM=rationale arbeitsschritte/THE WAKE=silent siren/THE BOLLOCKS BROTHERS=brigitte bardot/THE NOISE TIGERS=not going out/ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT=butterflies/THIS COLD NIGHT=wings of regret/HORD=speak/THE ROPE=where the bones lie/LA SCALTRA=visions of glass/ELASTICA=vaseline/GOD LIVES UNDERWATER=from your mouth/GANG OF FOUR=outside the trains don't run e BLACK JOE LEWIS=messin'

domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2016

INSIDE= THE DREAMS NEVER END=o tempo não volta atrás/JAPAN SUICIDE=even blood/DEATH BY DELIRIUM=liquid sky/NEXT TIME PASSIONS=alone with you/SIN ALLEY=crazy fever/BRANCHES=all that is left/THIS COLD NIGHT=holding on/HANTE.=storm/CHRIS ECKMAN=katy cruel/GÉMEOS ARIZONA=água vai/ESSAIE PAS=le port du masque est de rigueur/SECRET SIGHT=life/L'ORDRE D'HELOISE=photosynthése/M.WARD=lets dance e KIRLIAN CAMERA=epitaph.

domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016

INSIDE:CRYSTAL SODA CREAM=eyeline statues/BEWITCHED AS DARK=on the dark side/VLIMMER=zeitrand/LAST TRAIN=cold fever/POESIE NOIRE=I've lost a friend/SHRIEKBACK=hand on my colours/ECHO&BUNNYMEN=all my colours/ATOMIC NEON=a stranger/CHARNIER=can't you remember/I AM THE SHADOW=hurts and takes/CONFIELD=big big bang/ALL YOUR SISTERS=whites/SWEET WILLIAM=ocean/BRANCHES=wake/THE DREAM COLLISION=the frontier of explainable things e PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL=clean/reign


domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2016

INDIDE:INNERTHOUGHTS=someone/TC MATIC=with you/THE BASEMENT=ways/AMI MARIE=spiel mit mir/BOSS HOG=whiteout/THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT=immigration song/THE MANCHESTERS=atmosphere/THE CLASH=this is england/TEMPERS=undoing/THE BLACKS=raincoat/THE SOUND=new dark age/TWIGGY-POP=hitler was a popstar/THE DOMINO STATE=new face/NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS=could it be increased/WHITE ROSE MOVEMENT=alsation/THE SAINTS=story of love/YOU SAY PARTY!WE SAY DIE!=what's the holdup,where's the fire e THE WAVE PICTURES=kiss me

domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2015

INSIDE:HORDA 130=pink/THE MOANERS=paradise club/THE WALKABOUTS=have you ever seen the morning/BAD ASTRONAUT=passenger/LUR LUR=Please Please Please/PERE UBU=michelle/ROGERS SISTERS=I wanna be purely evil/TODD SNIDER=fortunate son/SPIRITUALIZED=never goin'back/SHOCKING PINKS=emily/PHILLIP BOA & VOODOO CLUB=to the saints/MAP OF AFRICA=black skin blue eyed boys/THE XX=teardrops/THE DREAMS NEVER END=eternal/THE GOD MACHINE=home/GÉMEOS ARIZONA=LSD/PYLON=feast on my heart/BROKEN TABLES=image of you/A JIGSAW=letters from the boatman e THE STOLEN MINKS=bring it



domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2015

INSIDE:THE PAPER ROAD=just pretty/BORN A LION=my black horse/TABLOÏD=second day glad to be sad/OFFICER KICKS=god's shoes/ROTUAL HOWLS=helm/THE ROPE=where the bones lie/DEAD CURTIS=the second coming/THE BASEMENT=lies/IMPERSONATE OR DIE=fast,fast,hit the road!/OBITS=pine on/ASH CODE=waves with no shores/RITON=killing an aaaarab/THE TIGHTS=bad hearts/IGGY POP=run like a villain/GARY NUMAN=dominion day/THE PONYS=we shot the world/THE VEILS=the letter/STARS=celebration guns e OPERATOR PLEASE=just a song about ping pong.

domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2015

INSIDE:INNERTHOUGHTS=psychotic words/THE BASEMENT=ways/DEAD CURTIS=can't get back no more/THE ROPE=touch of ghosts/SUICIDE ECHOES=lucifer/ATOMIC NEON=I want to believe/THE SOVIET UNION=as long as you are mine/TOM McRAE=the boy with the bubblegun/ISOLATION WARD=remember/MARQUIS DE SADE=conrad veidt/VIOLENT FEMMES=love,love,love/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=goodbye/POP DELL'ARTE=la,la,la/INDIAN ZEPHYR=full moon/SWEET NICO=panda heart e THE WOODEN WOLF=lullaby

domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2015

INSIDE:THE DREAM COLLISION=here is my abyss/COLD COMFORT=bleached bonés/VARSOVIE=l'éclaircie/PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL=reign/THE NEON JUDGEMENT=baby's on fire/TANK AND TEARS=hills of death and blood/PIL=double trouble/SECRET SIGHT=life/MÃO MORTA=em directo(para a televisão)/BLACK ORCHESTRA=body/TROPIC OF CANCER=court of devotion/ELECTRO VAMPIRES=sadistic secret love/LUR LUR=lullaby/LIZ PHAIR=south dakota/THE WIDOW'S RIDE=san vicente e HUGO RACE & THE TRUE SPIRIT=elevate my love

domingo, 29 de novembro de 2015

INSIDE:LUR LUR=shame(you have no)/CAVE STORY=southern hype/BRANCHES=declining days/GIIRLS=dance/ULTRAVOX=fear in the western world/LES MODULES ETRANGES=in a lonely place/DEAD LETTERS SPELL OUT DEAD WORDS=this failure/SAVAGES=the answer/BLESSING IN DISGUISE=I wish I had A gun/SCIENTISTS=solid gold hell/999=feeling'alright with the crew/THE FALL=big new prinz/TEMPERS=strange harvest/THE LOST RIVERS=inside me/DILLY DALLY=desire e SHE DREW THE GUN=if you could see