sábado, 25 de março de 2017

INSIDE:NEIV=human fight/SHADOW'S DISTRESS=you don't know/INCA BABIES=opium den/SKELETON HANDS=down by the river/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOÏSE=the drowning man/CAPTIVE=i'm long gone/MÃO MORTA=paris/THE OUTSIDERS=cq/MOTH=after the fire/CLAIR OBSCUR=smurf in the gulag/THE CHAMELEONS=here today/AZTEC DEATH=passengers/ MAL DEUTSCHLAND=in motion/VUE=girl/THE INSIGHT=still alive/HONOLULU MOUTAIN DAFFODILS=bathtime for beelzebub/M!R!M=acid dreams e THE DEVLINS=waiting  

sábado, 18 de março de 2017

INSIDE:NEIV=the hole/ALMA MATER SOCIETY=slow motion/LUX YURI=my baby/MISERYLAB=children of the poor/PRINCIPE VALIENTE=strangers in the night/THE SISTER OF MERCY=train/SHORT CIRCUIT=the flight/IAMTHESHADOW=hurts and takes/JESUS AND MARY CHAIN=always sad/PERE UBU=down by the river/THIS COLD NIGHT=cold snow/I HEART HIROSHIMA=well/THIS GREY CITY=bela is alive/TRISTESSE CONTEMPORAINE=let's go/EX-RZ feat.Fenne Kupens=17 seconds/METRO VERLAINE=hate/BLEIB MODERN=mindless e MODERN JUNGLEMAN=woman from dogtown

sábado, 11 de março de 2017

INSIDE:LUR LUR=soul queen/NICE COLD NATION=the last dance/SECRET SIGHT=life/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=the distance between/FOREVER GREY=the red hall/THE HOLY SPIRIT OF NOTHING=never call/TANKS AND TEARS=song for those who stay/WHISPERING SONS=wall/BLEIB MODERN=self-loathing/YUS YUS=forever/THE CLASH=armagideon time/ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS=succumb/PRUNES=walking/BLACK ORCHESTRA=desolated man/ROSI=tanzen/BLACK EGG=sigils e THE THIRD SOUND=we got what you need

sábado, 4 de março de 2017

INSIDE:MÃO MORTA=tu disseste/ISOLATION WARD=a request/SELOFAN=the wheels of love/BOSS HOG=ski bunny/THE GOLDEN AGE OF NOTHING=everything is on fire/NEIV=close your eyes/THE BONECOLLECTORS=bela lugosi's dead/THE FEELIES=gone,gone,gone/BELGRADO=1000 spektakli/LOVE IN CAGE=jonctions télégraphiques/SILENT SIGNALS=banshee girl/CHRISTIAN DEATH=figurative theatre/DAS ERWACHEN=hier und heute/SOCIAL STATION=pray for me/THE NAMES=i liked you better when you were dead/THE COLOUS OF SILENCE=voices in the dark e THE BLACK ARCHER=silence,sea and sky

sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2017

INSIDE=BLACK EGG=Jesus in furs/NEIV=summer daze/BLEIB MODERN=self loathing/FRUSTRATION=excess/DRAB MAJESTY=forget tomorrow/THE VEILS=total depravity/EAUX SAINES=almost/IVY'S VOID=deranged 43/YELLOW LOW=Ego the waster/ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL=a broken dream/TRISTESSE CONTEMPORAINE=let's go/MISFORTUNES=dreadful mirror/SELOFAN=orient/VERSAILLES=bring the noise/THE GOLDEN AGE OF NOTHING=black wings/BELGRADO=no exit/ASCETIC=a day in the fields e LIZ DURRETT=In a manner of speaking

sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2017

INSIDE:BELLS OF SOULS=silence cries/LOVE IN CAGE=back rooms/L'AN 2000=strangers/MOTH=young future/PASSSIONS=wrists/CHARNIER=pictures/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=in a dream/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=ghost/UNDERTHESKIN=wave/CONTREPOISON=nectar of destiny/THE WHISPERING SONS=the night/LUX YURI=brother/FAUNLET=the poet and the whore e SILENTPORT WITH LADY GHOST = its my guilt

sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2017

INSIDE:ALMA MATER SOCIETY=slow motion/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=crime/BLACK EGG=back to nature/STEVE KILBEY=out of this world/PLEASURE CELL=common ground/IN LETTER FORM=terror/RUSSIAN BLOOD=the vanishing/DANCE NAKED=bronze contempt/SOUTHERN FRONT=shock horror/COMPLOT BRONSWICK=friendship/AZTEC DEATH=adrian's dirge/ROSI=jeder/AVANT-GARDE=disicanto/ACTORS=one hundred years/BABEL 17=watch e THE FALL=c'n'c's mithering

sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2017

INSIDE:MORTE PSÌQUICA=soul in isolation/NIGHT SINS=playing dead/SUPERNOVA 1006=photons/DER HIMMEL ÜBER BERLIN=dead cities/THE BONECOLLECTOR=lucrecia,my reflection/THE WANDS=faces/VUE=pictures of me/THE SUNFLOWERS=charlie don't surf/ANGEL CORPUS CHRISTI=me and my beretta/BELGRADO=wiatr/AZTEC DEATH=passengers/SWEET ERMENGARDE=tender russian roulette/MÃO MORTA=abandonada/SILENTPORT=the promise of heaven/InAd MemoriaM=perfume garden/DIVIDING LINES=lonely in the crowd e BONEMEN OF BARUMBA=walking with the deadmen 

sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2017

INSIDE:NEIV=close your eyes/HUMAN TETRIS=shadows/ROSI=kaltes land/NERO MODERNO=distanze/THE FEELIES=gone gone gone/BELGRADO=panopticon/THE WANDS=she's electric/RANCHO RELAXO=dead space/TIFARET=failure/DANCE NAKED=jezebel/CAPTIVE=exaltations/BLACK EGG=leaving/OPPOSITION=stranded/DRAB MAJESTY=cold souls/POST TROPIC=cloven hoof and barrier gray/THE AGNES CIRCLE=ceramics/IVY'S VOID=isolation horizon e ORGANIC=position

domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2017

INSIDE:IAMTHESHADOW=a view from a hill/DANCE NAKED=the dream goes on/SLOWDIVE=star roving/PRUNES=walking/TEMPERS=further/FELT=sunlight bathed the golden glow/THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH=amerika/DEAD RABBITS=all your little lies/THE WANDS=faces/PALODINE=sadlands/WEEKNIGHT=i'm not falling in line/THE LITURGIST=myth of degenerate art/MATT LAMKIN=los andes/THE LIMIÑANAS=russian roulette/ECHOING DRIFTERS=forclusion e M.STIPE & KAREN ELSON=ashes to ashes