domingo, 1 de maio de 2016

INSIDE:ALMA MATER SOCIETY=skeletons/MORTE PSÍQUICA=contact the fact/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=hollow/SORRY,HEELS=carving a smile/PUBLIC MEMORY=ringleader/VEIL OF LIGHT=light/SANNE DE NEIGE=dans la forêt/DOUBLE ECHO=la danza/THE LIMIÑANAS=down underground/THE FLATFIELD=passionless/THEN COMES SILENCE=strangers/A DEAD FOREST INDEX=no paths/TRANSMISSIONARY SIX=dream weaver/STAN RIDGWAY=dont box me in/FOREVER GREY=drawn to the water/UNDERTHESKIN=fall/FRAKTURE=eis und nebel e THE SOFT MOON=far

domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

INSIDE:THE DREAM COLLISION=barria alta/BEYOND SOUL=lost games/NIGHT SINS=playing dead/THE LAST PASSENGER=mist/FRAKTURE&PHILIPPE PASCAL=burning rain/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=the boneman/HAUSFRAU=season of the witch/SORRY,HEELS=in love with silence/JESSICA HERNANDEZ&THE DELTAS=caught up/METRO VERLAINE=hate/DECADES=tonight again/PERSON:A=no desire/THE LONG LOSTS=the girl with haunted house tattoo/LUKE HAINES=caravan man/INAD MEMORIAM=unwritten law e SHADOWHOUSE=stay away

domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

INSIDE:INDIAN ZEPHYR=full moon/THE WYTCHES=gigsaw/ELECTRO VAMPIRES=confusion/LITTLE GIRLS=deleware/CLAN OF XYMOX=cynara/THE NAMES=the astronaut/ATOMIC NEON=I want to believe/THE B52's=nip it in the bud/THE MODERN LOVERS=someone I care about/STAN RIDGWAY=this town called fate/DEAD HUSBAND=lost/HANDSOME FURS=damage/CARLA DAL FORNO=fast moving cars/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=le declin/EXPECT DELAYS=killed by death e OPPOSITION=very little glory

domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

INSIDE:VICTOR TORPEDO=wise guy/ALMA MATER SOCIETY=your violence is love for us/BORN FOR BLISS=white rabbit/GOAT=gathering of ancient tribes/THE DAMNED=new rose/AUSGANG=sink into you/SYNTHS VERSUS ME=the march of death/CHARNIER=shot me/G.N.D.(GOD NEXT DOOR)=thinking about you/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=je m'en fous/THE TRANSMISSIONARY SIX=talk it up/SUPERNOVA1006=confession/UNDERTHESKIN=fall/DEATH BY DELIRIUM=you can't beat the clocks/HONOLULU MOUNTAIN DAFFODILS=farenheit 192/IGGY POP=eggs on plate/WERNER KARLOFF=verloren e ATOMIC NEON=the walking dead

domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

INSIDE:VOLCANO SKIN=silly/FACTICE FACTORY=rabid dog/LUST ERA=largas horas/STILLIFE=eternity awaits/OF THE WAND AND THE MOON=immer vorwärts/SUPERNOVA 1006=inside of us/SPACEMEN 3=little doll/TABLOÏD=never change/ULTRAVOX=my sex/THE PONYS=glass conversation/THE SOUND=one thousand reasons/WILDNORTHE=swamp/DEAD CURTIS=broke and burned/ATOMIC NEON=the fall/KOMMUNITY FK=junkies/ALL YOUR SISTERS=come feel/SILENT SIGNALS=bloody beautiful e GUILTY STRANGERS=forklift pinchers

domingo, 27 de março de 2016

INSIDE:GÉMEOS ARIZONA=deserto/DEATH BY KITE=himmelfahrtskommando/MOTH=drown/NOVEMBER NÖVELET=the world in devotion/THE FEELIES=moscow nights/MONALISA TWINS=paint it black/WILDERNESS=it's all the same/PARADOX OBSCUR=flesh/THE FALL=get a hotel/CATPEOPLE=party people/EASTERN LANE=I said pig on friday/PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL=crackjack docker/TRICKY=the love cats/STOCKHAUSSEN&KRIITAL ANN=cold lines/JESSE SYKES&THE SWEET HEREAFTER=the air is sin/J.P.WHIPPLE=stain/GRANT LEE PHILLIPS=loaded gun/120 DAYS=so this is suicide e THIS HEAT=twilight furniture  

domingo, 20 de março de 2016

INSIDE:SEXY AND COLOR=mission/LUST ERA=baila conmigo/STOCKHAUSSEN&KEREN BATOK=void/BLACK SPRINGS=my knife never lies/THE CHAMELEONS UK=pleasure and pain/FOREVER GREY=the body/THE SOFT MOON=far/MORTE PSÍQUICA=era luz/FAKE DRUGS=afterlife/TOM VEK=nothing but green lights/FALL OF SAIGON=visions/THE SEARCH=gonki/THE NEW HIGHWAY HYMNAL=hey kid(gotta run)/FUTURE=youth conspiration/DANCE FOR BURGESS=ein/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOÏSE=chimique e WINSTON TONG=end game

domingo, 13 de março de 2016

INSIDE:SILENTPORT=parallel universes/ESSAIE PAS=la chute/SUPERNOVA 1006=no more sorry/THIS COLD NIGHT=we have each other/THE PAPER ROAD=love me/GINEVRA=westworld/TRISTESSE CONTEMPORAINE=vampires/BORIS DZANECK=dance/TABLOÏD=second day glad to be sad/SILENT SIGNALS=waiting for reaction/ALL YOUR SISTERS=enemies/DEAD CURTIS=dead&forgotten/ASCETIC=we are not all dead/LACK OF KNOWLEDGE=burried alive/AUTUMN COMETS=snakes at 3.00 AM/LUR LUR=prayer(two hearts beating as one) e BLEIB MODERN=if love is just A word.

domingo, 6 de março de 2016

INSIDE:SUPERNOVA 1006=deathbeat/JOY MUST REMAIN=A poisoned kiss/NICE CLOD NATION=revival(to Ian Curtis)/SECRET SIGHT=long line/HANTE.=one more dance/PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL=education/CAGE THE ELEPHANT=James Brown/DEATH BY DELIRIUM=kiss kiss/ELECTRO VAMPIRES=sadistic secret love/THE ESSENCE=A mirage/RICHARD BUTLER=broken aeroplanes/WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION=in your hand/MATTHEW SWEET & SUSANNA HOFF=cinnamon girl/FIREWATER=paint it black/DEAD MEADOW=the crystal ship/THE LIMINANAS=garden of love e SUICIDE ECHOES=the dreadful mistake

domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2016

INSIDE:MODERN JUNGLEMAN=woman from dogtown/CHARNIER=another floor/SECRET SIGHT=conquest/JAPAN SUICIDE=nothing/A JIGSAW=hardly my prayer/STARGAZING PROJECT=hugo oklahoma/PINK TURNS BLUE=dirt/ASH CODE=posthuman/METRO VERLAINE=hate/SCHONWALD=fury/PINS AND NEEDLES=specimen/THE CULT=the witch/BEARD HAUS=drugs/MESSER CHUPS=johnny reverb/ELECTRIC LITANY=war is abstract/MORTE PSÍQUICA=fado das almas e Frankie Rose=night swim