sábado, 17 de fevereiro de 2018

INSIDE: NEON LIGHTS=twirling the twilight/UIU=every time,why/SHOPPING=shave your head/TALK TO HER=zodiac/SWANS=celebrity lifestyle/NIGHT THOUGHTS=ash/A SILENT NOISE=the vagabond/NICE COLD NATION=crossroad/BBC(the bluebeard's castle)=died of the shock/BURNING PALMS=false prophet/ELYSIAN=in the red light tower/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/EELS=the deconstruction/ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF=the mysterious vanishing of electra/HERLIGHTS=at night long/THE BREEDERS=wait in the car/LINEA ASPERA=malarone e SPLEEN XXX=the blind 

sábado, 10 de fevereiro de 2018

INSIDE: MARTA RAYA=automatisch/ONO SCREAM=incubator/.HANTE remix ANTIPOLE-PARIS ALEXANDER-empty space/THE LEGENDARY TIGERMAN=motorcycle boy/TRISOMIE 21=breaking down/DATA FRAGMENTS=nothing there/VOX LOW=you are a slave/STARCONTROL=a cruel day/GEMMA RAY=looking the world over/JT COLDFIRE=she's crazy/THE FALL=bill is dead/DEATH OF LOVERS=cold heaven/A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS=never coming back/THIS COLD NIGHT=pain/AUTOBAHN=the world around you is fractured somehow/CONTRE SOIRÉE=oppression e THE WAR ON DRUGS=pain 

sábado, 3 de fevereiro de 2018

INSIDE: ANTIPOLE feat.PARIS ALEXANDER remix KILL SHELTER=narcissus/ALMA MATER SOCIETY=slow motion/THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT=immigration song/BLACK EGG=sigils/AUTOBAHN=beautiful place to die/HUMAN=last exit before the crash/THE FALL=the blindness/WILD WOMEN & THE SAVAGES=sex eyes party/DEAF DANCE=destination/BURNING PALMS=explode/MARTA RAYA=those severe times/JAPAN SUICIDE=fate/NICE COLD NATION=deadline/MORTE PSÍQUICA=depois de amanhã/MIEN=black habit/SPIRAL OF SILENCE=advertise e ALL THEM WITCHES=charles william 

sábado, 27 de janeiro de 2018

INSIDE: CONTRE SOIRÉE=it's long/PURE GROUND=the silent age/NICE COLD NATION=hypnotic/VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR=necromancer/RIO BLACK & BAND=verrückt/AUTOBAHN=torment/THE LIMIÑANAS=shadow people/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=colours of rain(A World of Mystery remix)/VOX LOW=in this room 1940/FADEDGE=nova express/PREOCCUPATIONS=espionage/NEIL YOUNG+PROMISE OF THE REAL=already great/DELACAVE=uniform with no brain/IN MY ROSARY=black friend/HERLIGHTS=at night long/FELT=dismantled king is off the throne e IAMTHESHADOW=anoiteceu 

sábado, 20 de janeiro de 2018

INSIDE:AUTOBAHN=fallen/DEATH OF LOVERS=cold heaven/ANTIPOLE remix IAMTHESHADOW=october novel/IN THE NURSERY=prisoner of conscience/THE LIMIÑANAS=nuit fantôme/MANNEQUIN=candles/FADEDGE=idleness/MODE MODERNE=occult delight/EDITORS=magazine/PYLON=working is no problem/THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=dark ocean/LUR LUR=the river/A SLICE OF LIFE=panic attack/LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL=laura palmer/SEXTILE=current affair/A SILENT NOISE=lizzy e CONTRE SOIRÉE=moshpit 

sábado, 13 de janeiro de 2018

INSIDE:LA VS LO=dancing to an Anne Clark's song/CONTRE SOIRÉE=oppression/SIBERIA=faith/WARSAW PACT=day by day/HERLIGHTS=wasted youth/VOX LOW=now we're ready to spend/DAVID BYRNE=everybody's coming to my house/THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL=antarctica/DAVID J. HASKINS=who killed mr. moonlight/TRISOMIE 21=jakarta/MERRY'S FUNERAL=paranoya/BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB=echo/ÖTZI=ghosts/PHOEBE BRIDGERS=would you rather e CREUX LIES=zone 

sábado, 6 de janeiro de 2018

INSIDE:NICE COLD NATION=crossroad/DELACAVE=garbage/MAN & MACHINES=cities in dust/THE WAVE PICTURES=kiss me/IN THE NURSERY=pacify/THE SMITHS=death of a disco dancer/ORGANIC=hyperbola/TRISOMIE 21=rebirth/SUBTERFUGE=this long hour/ANTIPOLE=please let me sleep/THE CLASH=hitsville uk/MORTE PSÍQUICA=o túnel/THE LIMIÑANAS=istanbul is sleepy/PLASTIC IVY=no easter morning/SADAEMON=antennae galaxies/YTPO(UTRO)=something is going wrong/BAICAL=estimating love e PINK FLOYD=julia dream 

sábado, 30 de dezembro de 2017

INSIDE:ANTIPOLE feat. L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=demain a commencé/VISIONS IN CLOUDS(VIC)=afraid no more/A PROJECTION=exit/DOUBLE ECHO=autumn months/PROTOMARTYR=dont go to anacita/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/RITUAL HOWLS=perfume/MARCHING CHURCH=let it come down/THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=serpent river/FREQUENCE NOIR=young fear/THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL=atomic no.10/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=night/TRAITRS=hand of holy fingers/ASTARI NITE=the witching hour/SILENT RUNNERS=forgotten/SILENTPORT=transmutation e ECHOING DRIFTERS=lunar lava caves 

sábado, 23 de dezembro de 2017

INSIDE: MÃO MORTA=berlim/SILENT RUNNERS=forgotten/NEW TODAY=tears/IAMTHESHADOW & ANTIPOLE REMIX=this violence/ROWLAND S. HOWARD=(i know)a girl called jonny/THE CONVENT=king of rain/THE DREAMS NEVER END=shadows/NEIL YOUNG=powderfinger/THE FALL=frenz/THE HANGMAN=lonely rocker/LUR LUR=the river/WILD WOMEN & THE SAVAGES=sex eyes party/A SLICE OF LIFE=feel like crazy/MORPHINE=claire/BURNING PALMS=explode/NIGHT THOUGHTS=cold world glancing e SHELBY LYNNE & ALLISON MOORER=my list 

sábado, 16 de dezembro de 2017

INSIDE: MOONSHINERS=man on wire/ASTARI NITE=divination/WALLENBERG=love solution/GUIGNOL=1000 tyrants/MORRISSEY=jacky's only happy when she's up on stage/ANTIPOLE=le châtelet/DEATH OF LOVERS=quai d'orsay/PITCHFORK=other voices/HUMAN=last exit before the crash/MORTE PSÍQUICA=depois de amanhã/CLAN OF XYMOX=vixen in disguise/PATTI SMITH=the crystal ship/MAGAZINE=permafrost/COCTEAU TWINS=blind dumb deaf/SADAEMON=the law of infinite feat. LORY FAYER /PHOEBE BRIDGERS=would you rather