terça-feira, 15 de Abril de 2014

INSIDE:Hookworms=Teen Dreams/Amesoeurs=Amesoeurs/M!R!M=Liebe Machen/Kill The Dandies=The Noose/The Walking Who=Walrus/The Convent=Amsterdam/Minimal Compact=Inner Station/The Chameleons=A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days/Mode Moderne=Gimme Six/Absolute Body Control=Do you Feel It Inside/Coldwave=Life Changes/Hanni El Khatib=Heartbreak Hotel/Wall Of Death=From Hell With Love/Archie Bronson Outfit=Dart for my Sweetheart/Disappears=Replicate e Neon=Red Light

terça-feira, 8 de Abril de 2014

            OUVIR ALTO

INSIDE:PJ Harvey=Rub Til It Bleeds/A Second of June=Etching/M!R!M=Never Trust/This Cold Night=DCDS/The Finally=Pink Glasses/Persona Project=Please/Crimson Scarlet=Interzone/Manicure=Bored To Death/Born Lion=Good Times Jimmy/1919=Repulsion/Schonwald=Mercurial/Guilty Strangers=Forklift Pinchers/Boris Dzaneck=Dance/Contre Jour=Hourglass/InAd MemoriaM=Wishful Thinking/The Marginals=Dark Alone e The Dream Collision=Thorns

terça-feira, 1 de Abril de 2014

                       OUVIR ALTO COM QUALQUER TEMPO

INSIDE:Bell Hollow=Eyes Like Planets/Noise Tigers=Not Going Out/This Ascensions=For A Day/Geometric Vision=In My Cold Room/Soul Merchants=Phases of the Moon/Sonic Jesus=Monkey on my Back/Inca Babies=Jerico/Der Klinke=Perfectly Dead/Message=Strange Voice/LUR LUR=Prayer/Absolute Body Control=Into the Light/Der Himmel Über Berlin=Sweet Dancing Butterfly/Love Like Blood=Stormy Visions/Lyrebirds=Closer/Poesie Noire=A Night Like This e Terminal Twilight=The Fire Of Love

terça-feira, 25 de Março de 2014

                     OUVIR ALTO

Peter Hammill=Modern/Kinetic Glass=Radio Era/Total Control=Meds ll/Archie Bronson Outfit=Dart for my Sweetheart/Second Planet=Control/Soma Sema=Under Waves/Warpaint=Love Is To Die/Winter Severity Index=Blind Me/Black Marble=Balancing/Public Image Ltd=Swan Lake/Joy-Disaster=Suicide/Richard Hell &The Voidoids=Liars Beware/Human Tetris=Stenciled Views/Black Lips=Boys In The Wood/The Ruts=Staring At the Rude Boys/Les Provisoires=Quiet Room/Wall of Voodoo=Full of Tension/Sid Suicide=Desconforto/Felt=My Face Is On Fire e Spain=In My Soul

terça-feira, 18 de Março de 2014

                    OUVIR ALTO

INSIDE:Curtis Stigers&The Forest Rangers=John the Revelator/Legendary Tigerman=Gone/Der Blaue Reiter=Through Glasses/Persona Project=Please/The Rope=The Silence/Nun=Evoke the Sleep/13 Candles=Lost Child/Archétypo 120=Now/Lost Rivers=All Dark/Reverend Beat=Man Jesus Christ Twist/Black Jet Radio=RocknRoll/Meteors=Johnny Remember Me/Autolux=Blanket/Beastmilk=Ghosts Out of Focus/Blood Red Shoes=Cigarettes in the Dark/Der Noir=Stranger's Eye/This Cold Night=D.C.D/Kandle=Demon


terça-feira, 11 de Março de 2014

                       OUVIR ALTO

INSIDE:Catherine Feeny=I'm On Fire/Lur Lur=Lullaby/This Cold Night=Eighties Goth Suicide Note/Passion Noire=Ocean/Ermo=Pangloss/Jeremy Jay=Wild Orchids/Beastmilk=Love In A Cold War/The Black Angels=Melanie's Melody/Sonic Jesus=It's Time To Hear/Covergirl=Paris Burns/Silent Preacher=Soul Of A Man/Wild Flag=Boom/Guilty Strangers=Insatiable Thief/A Second Of June=Sleep Widow/Be Forest=Lost Boy/S.C.U.M.=Days Untrue/Electric Litany=Tear/The Marginals=Nice Boy Gentle Man e The Dream Collision=Vanishing Point

terça-feira, 4 de Março de 2014

                                                  OUVIR ALTO

Andrea Schroeder=Helden
Opposition=Don't Forget To Leave The Light On In The Wall
Geometric Vision=In My Cold Room
Into Paradise=Bring Me Closer
Rainy Day Factory=Ocean Of Tears
Luna=That's What You Always Say
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead=Naked Sun
Nobody Was There=Backyard Cinema
The Wave Pictures=Kiss Me
Stars=Celebration Guns
Indelicates=If Jeff Buckley Had Lived
The Ponys=Shadow Box
Spear Of Destiny=Lucky Man
Officer Kicks=God's Shoes
White Rose Movement=London's Mine
The Arcade Fire=Power Out

terça-feira, 25 de Fevereiro de 2014

Patti Smith=Stride of the Mind
The Hells=He's the Devil
Division of Laura Lee=Loveless
Rocket Science=Being Followed
Eyeless In Gaza=Seven Years
A Silent Noise=Tersicore
Buzz Kull=Echo Planes
Veil Of Light=Cold Skin
Fioritura=White Walls
Sisterhood=Rain From Heaven
Mode Moderne=Baby Bunny
Guilty Strangers=The Dreaming
Devo=Whip It
Subway Elephant=The Hunter
Cult=Love Removal Machine
The Vicious Five=Bad Mirror
Spiral Of Silence=Souls
The Coral Sea=Fell

terça-feira, 18 de Fevereiro de 2014

The Sex Pistols=Submission
Winston Tong=Endgame
Sleaford Mods=Stevie
Louise Pop=Feminist Terrorists
Manicure=Bored To Death
Tom Vek=If You Want
Winter Light=Isao
Lur Lur=Lullaby
The Search=Wanderlust
Mode Moderne=Occult Delight
Tyburn Saints=With The Night In Our Eyes
Dead Rabbits=It's All In Her Head
Alamo Race Track=Trunk
My Dream Collision=Thorns
The Daughters Of Lot=Love Song Final
Ana Deus e Carlos Zingaro=Venus In Furs

terça-feira, 11 de Fevereiro de 2014

Clair Obscur=Es War
Von Thronstahl=Dressed In Black Uniforms
Guilty Strangers=Forklift Pinchers
Double Echo=Sylvia
Les Modules Etranges=Fire
Night Sins=Neon Light Intoxication
Death In June=All Pigs Must Die
Nocturnal Projections=Isn't That Strange
The Wake=Rusted
Spiral Of Silence=Connection
Geometric Vision=Solitude of the Trees
Shadowhouse=Lonely Psalm
Tristesse Contemporaine=Vampires
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead=Skies of November
Kelley Stoltz=Are You My Love

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