domingo, 10 de novembro de 2019

INSIDE: INCIRRINA=a little girl lost/URCO=cold/GREY GALLOWS=1982/ALGEBRA SUICIDE=brewing/OSTED feat. MARK LONG=vast dystopia/RED ULALUME=huir/WINTER BONES=forever/THE KENTUCKY VAMPIRES=our love has no goodbyes/MORTE PSÍQUICA=isolation/WALL OF VOODOO=factory/BROTHERHOOD=more/REDUCTION PLAN=the river/HOFFEN=rowan/THYMIAN=provider/MARK E. MOON=into the arms of entropy/THE LIMIÑANAS=russian roulette/BOX AND THE TWINS=frozen in time e THE ROSE PHANTOM=false alarm

domingo, 3 de novembro de 2019

INSIDE: DHAII CLISANA=pozemki/ANTIPOLE feat. PARIS ALEXANDER=syndrome/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/TWIN TRIBES=the river/LUR LUR=the river/THE PAINTERS=full speed/HUMAN=window pain/THE NECROMANCERS UNION=ghosts/ISOLATED YOUTH=oath/BOBBY WOULD=shades of black/THE ROOM WITHOUT SUN=hammerfist/ADAM TRISTAR=suicide neighborhood/PINK TURNS BLUE=touch the sky/DAVID J.=where the bloodline end/BODEGA=warhol/LORD TRAVVIS=disposable lovers/IST IST=emily e KATE TEMPEST=oeoples faces 

domingo, 27 de outubro de 2019

INSIDE: SORENESS=nothing/ASTARI NITE=rosary society/ALGEBRA SUICIDE=incorrigible/URBAN VERBS=next question/BLACK BOX RECORDER=england made me/TRUCK STOP ALIEN=888/DARK GRAY HOUSES=echos/REDUCTION PLAN=repent/AMATEUR CHILBIRTH/in greenland alone/THE DAUGHTERS OF BRISTOL=velvet curtains/OCTOBER BURNS BLACK=the predator/OLD PROVIDENCE=la muerte/THE ROOM WITHOUT SUN=one night with you/ELECTRIC LITANY=refugee under a common sky/MAGNIFIED DESIRE=lifetime e OSTED=you dance

domingo, 20 de outubro de 2019

INSIDE: SUPREME SOUL=retrospective/ASTARI NITE=divination/RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY=i can see stars/THE EMPTY WORLD=tempting fate/BODEGA=treasures of the ancient world/CHRISTIAN DEATH vs CREUX LIES=spiritual cramp/DEATH VALLEY GIRLS=disaster is what were after/AZTEC DEATH=no reason/HUGO RACE & TRUE SPIRIT=makes me mean/IST IST=preacher's warning/LORD TRAVVIS=death rock/A PROJECTION=lucy shrine/THE HORROR CLUB=i guess its not the end of the world/MARTA RAYA=dim the lights/AUTOMATIC=suicide in texas/WITHOUT EMOTION=niente favole e BOX AND THE TWINS=the first dream 

domingo, 13 de outubro de 2019

INSIDE: TIAGO GOMES & FLAK=summer sky/GÉMEOS ARIZONA=gasolina/LITTLE GIRLS=last call/FINAL BODY=devil/MY SANTIS=don't fear death/MINIMAL COMPACT=static dancin/THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI & DEATH LOVES VERONICA=grimm love/RUE OBERKAMPF=deine worte/AUTOMATIC=signal/ANTIPOLE feat. EIRENE & PARIS ALEXANDER=le moment/TRUCK STOP ALIEN=work for war/KISS THE WHIP=forgive me not/AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH=emissary of light/MEKONS=millionaire/HUGO RACE & TRUE SPIRIT=am Radio/ECHOSCOPE=left behind e DEUS=instant street demo 

domingo, 6 de outubro de 2019

INSIDE: SEÑORITAS=acho que é meu dever não gostar/BODEGA=knife on the platter/AUTOMATIC=suicide in texas/ANNA CALVI=ghost rider/EIRENE feat. UIU=light/LA GRAZIA OBLIQUA=genealogy/HUGO RACE & THE TRUE SPIRIT=lsd is dead/REDUCTION PLAN=deliver/LOLA LOLA=killed a man in a field/CHRISTIAN DEATH=worship along the nile/IST IST=son is the father/REPETITOR=suzeni snovi/ANTIPOLE feat. MARC LEWIS=here i am/MONOGRAMS=spirit/MÃO MORTA=sobe querida, desce/DEATH VALLEY GIRLS=more dead/MARC SEBERG=strikes e THE KVB=submersion 

domingo, 29 de setembro de 2019

INSIDE: PHANTOM VISION=that's what they say/IST IST=undignified/MÃO MORTA=deflagram clarões de luz/THE VILLIONS=lamentation of moon/ANTIPOLE feat. PARIS ALEXANDER & EIRENE=memorial waves/ISOLATED YOUTH=gold lane/BLEIB MODERN=if love is just a word/ELECTRIC LITANY=sealight/MARY GOES ROUND=shut up and die/HERLIGHTS=toys/THE ESSENCE=mary my prayer/BUZZCOCKS=sitting round at home/JE T'AIME=c** /PAAR=crack/RHUME CARABINÉ=liar e DARK WATER=wasteland 

domingo, 22 de setembro de 2019

INSIDE: ANTIPOLE feat. EIRENE= 11.1983/ ANTIPOLE feat. PARIS ALEXANDER=hyoscine/BLACK SWAN LANE=dust/PIXIES=los surfers muertos/SÔMBRE=black skin twins/PSYCHIC GUILT=beacon/UIU=woman/L'EPÉE=lou/SJÖBLOM=a victory of love/S.Y.Z.Y.G.Y.X =ultra doll/IGGY POP=loves missing/A PROJECTION=something whole/FOREVER GREY=soft chamber/MÃO MORTA=o mundo não é mais um lugar seguro/SWANS=it's coming it's real e CIRCUIT DES YEUX=falling 

domingo, 15 de setembro de 2019

INSIDE: ECHOES OF SILENCE=dance on me/FINAL BODY=run away/OLD PROVIDENCE=la ilusion del ser/ACTUEL=no regrets/THE SEARCH=gonki/FILL THE VOID=find the way/IAMWARFACE=bleed out/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=visions/GREEN MACHINE=the never ending train is gonna stop for you to change/WITHOUT EMOTION=cabaret/L'EPÉE=the last picture show/BELA GOOSY=relax your hold/TREMBLING BLUE STARS=sacred music/BEDLESS BONES=limbs entwined/ZERESH=the harvest moon/DEHET SINN=samotnie e BELLS OF SOUL=resignation 

domingo, 8 de setembro de 2019

INSIDE: MORTE PSÍQUICA=fado da vertigem/NIGHT SINS=portrait in silver/THE WAVE PICTURES=jim/DEHET SINN=pytanie/FOTOCRIME=the rose and the thorn/THE COVENTRY=the maze/LES YEUX SANS VISAGE=little girl/SONSOMBRE=night child/SONIC JESUS=dead man/WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION=walking in the opposite direction/DEATH BY LOVE=when the lights come out/THE PROMISE RING=stop playing guitar/ACTORS=slaves/FACTICE FACTORY=baustein/THE NAMES=the astronaut e VESTRON VULTURE=hair on fire