segunda-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2014

INSIDE:This Cold Night=Falling Apart/Veil of Light=In Ruins/Velvet Condom=Trash Vaudeville/A Jigsaw=Black Jewelled Moon/Bass Drum of Death=Get Found/Dressmaker=Glass/Minuit Machine=Ego/Killing Joke=Wardance/Dragons=Trust/Mt.Moutain=Chantry/September Girls=Black Oil/The Sound=Hothouse/Ash Code=Crucified/Malcontent=This Time Is Different/Brandenburg=School Bus e The Dream Collision=Walls of Distance

segunda-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2014

INSIDE:Black Islands=Missing Flame/Crime &the City Solution=American Twilight/Cinema Strange=Sadist Sagittarius/Clair Obscur=Es War/Schonwald=Ahcrome/Dead Rabbits=It's All In Her Head/Echo&Bunnymen=Villiers Terrace/Manicure=Bored To Death/Tom Verlaine=Words From the Front/Buzz Kull=I Disappear/Veil of Light=Cold Skin/Silent Signals=Waiting for Reaction/Flowers Can Burn=Out of the Deep/Stan Ridgway=Your Welcome Mat/Bleib Modern=Cave/Dead Curtis=Dead&Forgotten e Pere Ubu=Non-Alignement Pact

segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2014

INSIDE:Patti Smith Group=Poppies/Dial M For Murder=NYC(Now You Care)/Noise Figures=Turn Off the Lights/Grass On The Sun=The Corner/Wave Pictures=The West Country/Motorama=Dispersed Energy/Battant=Radio Rod/The Gary=Coming Up For Air/Grand Duchy=Ermesinde(The Growl=Cleaver Lever/Craftmen Club=Les Chiens/Silent Party=Sisters/Jeremy Jay=Gallop/Chad Vangaalen=Clinically Dead/Native Roses=Out of the Water/The Barr Brothers=Half Crazy/Neil Young=Cowgirl in the Sand e Joan As Police Woman=Fire 

segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2014

INSIDE:The Shimer=Wish/The Chameleons=Dreams In Celluloid/Factice Factory=Glow/VioletHour=Elise/Vaniish=Succession/She Keeps Bees=Is Whai It Is/The Kills=Venus In Furs/New Gum Sarn=Saigon Paris/Playground Noise=Close my Eyes/Pleasure Symbols=Control/Cocteau Twins=Blood Bitch/Bo Ningen feat.Jehnny Beth(Savages)=Nichijyou/Wu Lyf=Spitting Blood/Kommunity FK=Junkies/PJ Harvey=Who Will Love Me Now/Lola Colt=Rings of Ghosts e Jack Ladder&The Dreamlanders=Hurtsville

segunda-feira, 17 de novembro de 2014

INSIDE:John Cale=Rosegarden Funeral of Sores/Traffic A.M.=Subway Story/Talk Normal=In A Strangeland/Wonky Doll&The Echo=Strange Land/Tales And Melodies=Weather & Pleasure/InAd MemoriaM=December/The Dream Collision=Hollow Hills/Television Personalities=Pablo Picasso/Miserylab=Void/Hookworms=The Impasse/Black Islands=Missing Flame/Brandy Kills=Spirits & Tears/The Cure=Wendy Time/De Volanges=New European Princess/Pere Ubu=Road To Utah/The Marginals=Ghost Love e Electric Litany=Name 

segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2014

INSIDE:Tom Waits=Time/Cinemascope=So Cold Inside/In A Lonely Place=Fire/Gang Of Four=It's Her Factory/Pere Ubu=The Modern Dance/Diatribe=Stop Dancing/Southern Death Cult=Apache/Sods=Pathetic/Hollands=Defeat/New Royales=Friday I'm In Love/M Ward=Let's Dance/Rainy Days Factory=See The Light/Thyself=Way Back/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club=Screaming Gun/Sleaford Mods=I Don't Wanna Disco Or 2/The Bongo Club=Get Myself Together e Peter Murphy=All Night Long

segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2014

INSIDE:Crystal Soda Cream=September/The Pop Group=Where There's A Will/David Byrne=Gypsy Woman/Dead Weather=Buzzkill(er)/Girls Under Glass=Down In The Park/Malvitch=Monkey's Brain/Howlin'Wolf=Evil/See See Rider=She Sings Alone/Lur Lur=Prayer/Winston Tong=Reports From The Heart/Grass On The Sun=I Feel It Coming/The Band Of Holy Joy=Route To Love/Bauhaus=Slice of Life/PJ Harvey=Red Right Hand/Deleyaman=Murdered Days/The Walkabouts=On The Beach e Flamin'Groovies=Headin'For the Texas Border

segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

INSIDE:Neon Judgement=Sister Sue/The Janitors=There Will Be Blood/The Trotskies=Running/Black Delta Movement=The Trip/Rinocerose=Medicine/The Cramps=You Got Good Taste/Dead Kennedys=Chemical Warfare/Mão Morta=Hipótese de Suicidio/Marianne Faithfull=Working Class Hero/Patti Smith=Privilege/The Sound=Blood and Poison/Beauty of Gemina=One Million Stars/Factice Factory=Cold/A Silent Noise=Waves In A Gale/Persona Project=Damned/Archétypo 120=Heartache and Death e Alabama 3=Love Will Tear Us Apart

segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

INSIDE:Grandaddy=Miner at the Dial-A-View/Hookworms=On Leaving/Burzinski=A Strange Day/The Silent Party=Sisters/Twilight Singers=Never Seen No Devil/Factice Factory=Collide/Gil Scott-Heron=I'm New Here/She Keeps Bees=Is What It Is/Deleyaman=Hey Now/Annabelle's Garden=A Path Towards/Boris Dzaneck=Dance/Moimir Papalescu&The Nihilists=Eighties Bar/Crimson Scarlet=Interzone/Black Volga=Mechanical Doll/We Came From Waters=Android/Veil Of Light=Pale Eyes e I Like Trains=Mnemosyne

segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2014

INSIDE:She Keeps Bees=Breezy/Disappears=Replicate/The Shackeltons=The Ache/Motorama=Pine/The Fall=Fiery Jack/Neon=Red Light/This Cold Night=Gay Goth Dance Machine/Mark Lanegan Band=Sad Lover/Jamie T.=Peter/Lightning Dust=Loaded Gun/Pere Ubu=Golden Surf II/Negativland=Christianity Is Stupid/Israel Tegardie=Eternal Light/Alien Skull Paint=Impact/Frankie Teardrop Dead=Feel Good/Japan Suicide=Girl With Curious Hair e Restos Mortais De Isabel=FIM