domingo, 12 de abril de 2015

INSIDE:The Dream Collision=Running To Nowhere/Blue Angel Lounge=Caught Crow/The Sound=Winter/Crocodiles=Neon Jesus/Section 25=Be Brave/Robyn Hitchcock=The Ghost In You/Psychedelic Furs=Fall/Alien Skull Paint=Impact/Tales And Melodies=Weather and Pleasure/Clan Of Xymox=Alice/Minimal Compact=Deadly Weapons/Project Komakino=Temple/Complot Bronswick=I Know the Power of Words/The Lost Rivers=New Light/Remain In Silence=Wasted In Time/The Scientists=This Is My Happy Hour e Um Zero Amarelo=Canção de Amigo.


terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2015

INSIDE:The Search=Wanderlust/Eels=Gone Man/Soviet Soviet=Gone Fast/Black Kids=Power in the Blood/Factice Factory=Mask/Phoebe Killdeer=Treadmill Zone/Lur Lur=Shame(You Have No)/Walkabouts=The Dustlands/Also=Andalusian Death/Spiral69=Collecting Lies/A Dead Forest Index=Anchoring the Hands/Les Modules Etranges=Mental Pop-Up/This Grey City=Isolation/New Order=Truth/Public Service Broadcasting=Go/Agent Side Grinder=Die To Live/Wave Pictures=Green River e Le Fant=Last Chance To Dance

segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2015

Inside:Cultural Decay=Brave New World/Partly Faithful=Aeroplanes/Suspects=This Reality/Gatopersa=Pars/Gruppenbild=Tranquility/The Sweet Serenades=Can't Get Enough/Clair Obscur=Drive Me to the Beach/Felt=My Face Is On Fire/Peter Murphy=Hang Up/Kreativ In Den Boden=Like the Waves of the Sea/Absolute Body Control=Figures/Wall Of Voodoo=Full of Tensions/Nora Fries=My Favorite Flavor/Branches=Declining Days/Guilty Strangers=Forklift Pinchers/The Liminanas=I'm Dead/Wumpscut=Tell Me Why e Ritual Howls=Zemmoa

segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2015

INSIDE:Moscow Metro=Late Night Radio/Cramps=Bikini Girls/Black Angels=Prodigal Sun/Love & Rockets=Motorcycle/Psychedelic Furs=Imitation of Christ/A Dead Forest Index=Black Mud/Moonshiners=Man on Wire/Shad Shadows=Gimme Pain/Minuit Machine=Midnight Love/Singapore Sling=Make Us A Fire/Sonic Jesus=Reich/Suicide Echoes=Dying/Talking Heads=Take Me To the River/Brian Jonestown Massacre=Open Heart Surgery/Fuzztones=Strychnine/Black Orchestra=Body/Tom Waits=I'm your Late Night Evening Prostitute e Clock DVA=The Unseen.

segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015

INSIDE:The Paper Road=Falling/The Laurels=Black Cathedral/Paraguaii=Black Ships/Brandenburg=Mouthpiece/Geometric Vision=Another Day Without Blue/I Heart Hiroshima=Well/10000 Russos=Karl Burns/Kennedy Cult=Sick of Me Too/Lebanon Hanover=The Moor/Passion Noire=Sometimes/Schonwald=Solid Love/The Auteurs=Bailed Out/The Walking Who=10.15/Moon Duo=Animal/This Grey City=Smashing Down/Jim White=Wordmule e Ascetic=I Burn

domingo, 8 de março de 2015

INSIDE:Nothing Always Works=In It/In Death It Ends=With Tears and Pains/Message=Strange Voice/In Broken English=Twenty Four Hours/Tristesse Contemporaine=Vampires/Play Dead=Walk Away/The Vibrators=Flying Duck Theory/Useless Eaters=Addicted to the Blade/The Volta Sound=Right Up To You/The Interzone=Lose Against Time/Pins=Too Little Too Late/Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons=Happy Funeral/Public Service Broadcasting=Go/Maison Neuve=Humble Hearts/Factice Factory=Wie Raben/The Marginals=The Good and the Evil/The Concretes=Miss You e Former Ghosts=New Orleans

              OUVIR ALTO

terça-feira, 3 de março de 2015

INSIDE:Moonshiners=Broken Eyes/Confield=Resolution/Lur Lur=Lullaby/Skinny Puppy=Tin Omen/Captive=The Fool/Der Himmel Über Berlin=Sweet Dancing Butterfly/This Grey City=This Green City/Bare Wires=One More Hour of Love/Motorama=Horse/Lorelle Meets The Obsolete=What's Holding You/Tess Parks=German Tangerine/White Hex=Battleground/Lebanon Hanover=Hollow Sky/Winter Severity Index=Compulsion/Geometric Vision=Black Heaven/Arctic Flowers=Technicolor Haze/Teledrome=Boyfriend/Whispers In The Shadow=Velvet Mirror e Swann=Bobby Brown

terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2015

INSIDE:Alan Vega=Rebel Rocker/Black Angels=Young Men Dead/Chris Spedding=Gun Shaft City/Wave Pictures=Green River/Creedence Clearwater Revival=Sinister Purpose/Modern Jungleman=Woman From Dogtown/Luke Haines=Caravan Man/Tristesse Contemporaine=America/This Grey City=Smashing Down/Contre Jour=Into the Void/TV21=This Is Zero/The Names=Light/Captive=Black Leather Glove/Shadowhouse=Stay Away/Public Service Broadcasting=Spitfire/ASA=Hidden In The Forest/Devo=Jocko Homo e Terminal Twilight=Heartbeat

segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2015

INSIDE:Ascetic=Religion/Strange Harvest=Colonies/Christine Plays Viola=The Stars can't frighten Part I/Archie Bronson Outfit=Two Doves On A Lake/Viet Cong=Silhouettes/Band Of Skulls=Nightmares/Bauhaus=Boys/Silent Preacher=Soul Of A Man/J.P.Whipple=Gone/Eyeless In Gaza=Point You/Israel Regardie=Dead Birds/The Paper Road=So Tired/Radar Cult=Strange Enough/Futile Claps=Attention/13Candles=Lost Child/Tom Waits=Hell Broke Luce e Zombina and the Skeletons=End Of The World

segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2015

INSIDE:Radar Cult=Chemical Fire/Minuit Machine=She Devil/Melancholic Youth Of Jesus=Frustation/Veil Of Light=Shoulders/Void Vision=Slow Dawn/Monowelt=Mauer Des Schweigens/Pop Dell'Arte=Wild'n'Chic/Modern Jungleman=The Prophet/Plastique Noir feat.Karolina Escarlatina=Torn Brazil/The Vacant Lots=Mad Mary Jones/Double Echo=The Sentence/Danse Macabre=Wear Away/Future=Side Effects/Moscow Metro=Cosmos/Sexy And Color=Everybody Wants To Dance/Alan Vega=Saturn Drive/Then Come Silence feat.Anna Eklund=She Lies In Wait e Roma Amor=Cambodia