sábado, 9 de dezembro de 2017

INSIDE:THE LEGENDARY TIGERMAN=fix of rock'n'roll/THE MARY ONETTES=the companion/SHILPA RAY=emt police and fire department/MERRY'S FUNERAL=with your sharp heels/DEATH OF LOVERS=orphans of the smog/CLAN OF XYMOX=loneliness/PATTI SMITH=wicked messenger/SOROR DOLOROSA=another life/THE FORCED OSCILLATIONS=on the road/FELT=Vasco da Gama/NEIL YOUNG=captain kennedy/STEVEN WILSON=sign'o'times/MIDNIGHT CURE=warsaw pact/VISIONS IN CLOUDS(VIC)=rage in silence/SILENT RUNNERS=roadkill/GRANDFATHER'S HOUSE=you got nothing to lose e DANCE OFF YOUR DEMONS=fever 

sábado, 2 de dezembro de 2017

INSIDE:THE DREAMS NEVER END=the second life withing our dreams(feat. Poem Lory Fayer)/THE RED DOTS=sixty reasons/THIS GREY CITY=between now and now/A SLICE OF LIFE=panic attack/HUMAN=last exit before the crash/NICE COLD NATION=crossroad/SEX PARK=rhyme or reason/BLACK EGG=sigils/MORRISSEY=i wish you lonely/CHAD VANGAALEN=mind hijacker's curse/LUR LUR=the river/LUNA=fire in cairo/ANTIPOLE=deco Blue/PALAIS DES BAUZARDS=in the grassfield/THEN COMES SILENCE=falling into the void e REMY ZERO=life in rain 

sábado, 25 de novembro de 2017

INSIDE:LUR LUR=the river/FREQUENCE NOIR=young fear/NEW TODAY=withdraw/NICE COLD NATION=the last dance/HORROR 1930=sedad/THE HOLY SPIRIT OF NOTHING=never call/DEMON SODA=surprises/ANTIPOLE=closer/TRISOMIE 21=alice/SCENE NOIR=places in the sun/BURNING PALMS=nightstalker/VISIONS IN CLOUDS=afraid no more/CERULEAN VEINS=her persuasion calls/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=night/ET3R=strategies against the human race e MORPHINE=you speak my language 

sábado, 18 de novembro de 2017

INSIDE: DESOLATE MAN=less than human/WILD WOMEN & THE SAVAGES=sex eyes party/MANNEQUIN=everybody/THE MOURNING PARTY=angel's trumpet/RENDEZ-VOUS=B edit/SLEEPING PILLS=drift away/CERULEAN VEINS=ado/PITCH FORK=it can never be the same/CAMILLA SOMBRIO=tumulo/IN LETTER FORM=again/PROTOMARTYR=don't go to anacita/SCENE NOIR=another night of london rain/RITUAL HOWLS=perfume/WHISPERING SONS=the night/THE MESS=my only sin e ALL THEM WITCHES=charles william

sábado, 11 de novembro de 2017

INSIDE:WILD WOMEN & THE SAVAGES=bang!you're dead/ODESSA=trouble/THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION=the spell/SUBTERFUGE=blind to reason/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=25 whores/BURNING PALMS=explode/DOUBLE ECHO=high wind/A SLICE OF LIFE=feel like crazy/THE SOUND=as feeling dies/SHILPA RAY=burning bride/A JIGSAW=letters from the boatman/PERE UBU=prison of the senses/KID LOCO=here come the munchies/NIGHT THOUGHTS=owl in daylight/PROTOMARTYR=a private understanding/THE PUBLIC ROOM=máscaras caídas e AUSFAHRT=seclude 

sábado, 4 de novembro de 2017

INSIDE:THE DREAM NEVER END=cold dawn/BRANDENBURG=no feelings/BURNING PALMS=false prophet/GEOMETRICAL MOUVEMENTS=sin ti/PERRALOBO=ritmico amarillo/WILD WOMEN AND THE SAVAGES=sex eyes party/SPLEEN XXX=the blind/CAMILLA SOMBRIO & ANTIPOLE=the moment of death/SHADOW AGE=the fall/DOUBLE ECHO=water's edge/NEW TODAY=anymore/FELT=my face is on fire/DAVID BOWIE=new killer star/DARK NARROWS=visitation/PROTOMARTYR=corpses in regalia/BLEIB MODERN=winter mood/PROTOSELF=delirium/DER HIMMEL ÜBER BERLIN=dead cities e AUSFAHRT=seclude(raw)

sábado, 28 de outubro de 2017

INSIDE:MÃO MORTA=barcelona/ROPE SECT=quietus/BLACK NIGHT FREQUENCY=eternal return/PROTOMARTYR=night-blooming cereus/PERE UBU=monkey bizness/A SLICE OF LIFE=sorrow/MODE MODERNE=strangle in shadows/ALL THEM WITCHES=open passageways/MORRISSEY=jack the ripper/NIGHT THOUGHTS=ash/SHADOW AGE=luminosas/THE SECRET FRENCH POSTCARDS=fingers/THE SOUND=brute force/THE SILENCE KIT=new dark age/ANTIPOLE feat. PARIS ALEXANDER=all alone/SHELBY LYNNE & ALLISON MOORER=into my arms e MERRY'S FUNERAL=black planet 

sábado, 21 de outubro de 2017

INSIDE:A SLICE OF LIFE=panic attack/MY SILENT AWAKENING=greehouse of the dogs/ANTIPOLE=october novel/SID SUICIDE=talvez a perder/NIGHT THOUGHTS=cold world glancing/THE GLUTS=come to fire/VELVET KILLS=that joke/THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=if it serves you/THE RAVEONETTES=apparitions/PALAIS IDEAL=crossfade/ALL THEM WITCHES=dirt preachers/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=lost/PROTOMARTYR=dope cloud/EUROPEAN GHOST=soldato d'elite/THE PUBLIC ROOM=virado à nascente/GILD THE MOURN=shade/TINDERSTICKS=her e JUNK RIOT=all is well 

sábado, 14 de outubro de 2017


           OUVIR ALTO

INSIDE:THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=transmissão de tristeza/ANTIPOLE=summer never ends/JUNK RIOT=spare heads/NIGHT THOUGHTS=century eyes/SECRET SIGHT=swan's smile/PROTOMARTYR=my children/HAVAH=al di fuori del male/ASTARI NITE=divination/MORRISSEY=spent the day in bed/LOVE LIKE BLOOD=ylene/DEAD CURTIS=nihilism/PERRALOBO=el camino del hombre muerto/PARADOX OBSCUR=twilight/A TRANSITION=obscure/NOPPULSE=adjustment/COLDGEIST=warm hands/BESTIAL MOUTHS=worn skin/THE WATERBOYS=the connemara fox e PERSON:A=ghost town

sábado, 7 de outubro de 2017

INSIDE:LUR LUR=a strange kind of love/SEMANTICS=games/SWANS=mona lisa mother earth/ELSIANE=paranoia/RL BURNSIDE=it's bad you know/THE MOURNING PARTY=deadly fix/SLUG GUTS=stanglin'you too/NONN=hills/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/MALA HERBA=rusalki/MARCHING CHURCH=let it come down/STAN RIDGWAY=mission bell/TERMINAL TWILIGHT=the fire of love/VALLEY OF THE GIANTS=westworld/MOON DUST feat.LORY FAYER=in onyria's dream e SWELL=love you all