segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2019

INSIDE: BED LEGS=back on track/PUSH BUTTON PRESS=mire and the sea/JENNIFER TOUCH=chemistry/MOLCHAT DOMA=kletka/LIZARD SKIN=warm descent/TANGO MANGALORE=momentum/LOVE & ROCKETS=life in laralay/FREQUENCE NOIR=city of light/OPPOSITION=blue to grey/DARK SIDE EONS=into the unknown/DANSE MACABRE=depression/PRISCILLA DEVESA=dear devil/BROTHERHOOD=shadows/THE CITY GATES=cape of good hope/BELLS OF SOUL=remembrance from unlived days e FINN ANDREWS=a shot through the heart then down in flames 

segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2019

INSIDE: ELECTRO VAMPIRES=a little bird/ISOLATED YOUTH=seasons/DESOLATION YEARS=worlds apart/PINDROPS=geist/LONG NIGHT=east of the sun west of the moon/BROTHERHOOD=voices/THE ROPE=dying days/DATA FRAGMENTS=falsifies the fact/PETER PERRETT=I want your dreams/PAAR=syn/DANSE MACABRE=cold/IST IST=jennifers lips/THEO HAKOLA=white man in hammersmith palais/GHOSTLAND=lifeblood/DIÄT=nausea e SIGLO XX=until a day 

terça-feira, 2 de abril de 2019

INSIDE: LISBON NOIR=love paranoid/BROTHERHOOD=the pit/ISOLATED YOUTH=oath/ORVILLE PECK=pony/HUMAN=window pain/PAAR=pure/DATA FRAGMENTS=no sign of life/PINDROPS=reflection/THE BLUEBEARDS CASTLE=escape/WHITE COAL ADDICTION=swarm/DARK WATER=wasteland/RITUAL HOWLS=the offering/THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH=I can resist/SOUNDS LIKE WINTER=plastic/ROBERT FORSTER=crazy jane on the day of judgement/SOROR DOLOROSA=the end e MILLIKEN CHAMBER=bodies 

terça-feira, 26 de março de 2019

INSIDE: PAAR=crack/CRUEL REFLECTIONS=voices/WHITE COAL ADDICTION=glove/MORGUE POETRY=apocalypse/ORVILLE PECK=turn to hate/THE THE=gravitate to me/UNDERTHESKIN=nothere/IST IST=diversion/SILENTPORT with LORY FAYER=walking away/FINN ANDREWS=stairs to the roof/PARIS ALEXANDER feat. EIRENE=tense/IAMNOONE=circling/GARY NUMAN=me/AUTOMATIC DLAMINI & P.J.HARVEY=putty/ILL HUMANS=daisies e ANY LEAVE=you are good to go 

terça-feira, 19 de março de 2019

INSIDE: RAQUEL RALHA & PEDRO RENATO=peek-a-boo/OCTOBER BURNS BLACK=shimmer/UNDERTHESKIN=borderline/THE DROWNING SEASON=eyes of heaven/NACROMATIC=helena/NIGHT THOUGHTS=century eyes/SONSOMBRE=between/BLOOD BLUSH=nyc opera/GHOSTLY KISSES=touch/AZTEC DEATH=masses of men/OOGAN feat. EIRENE=iconico/I CAN FLY=northern lights/CLOSED MOUTH=warsaw/ROBERT FORSTER=inferno/NOVEMBER=midnight rain/THE OPPOSITION=somewhere in between e DESOLATION YEARS=worlds apart 

terça-feira, 12 de março de 2019

INSIDE: PARAGUAII=venom/MISERYLAB=people/BUZZ KULL feat.MODERN HEAVEN remix ANTIPOLE PARIS ALEXANDER=the garden/HUMAN=hypnophobia/IST IST=undignified/NÜRNBERG=usio rouna/ILL HUMANS=whatever/ISOTROPIA=but are you the king/L.A.WITCH=sleep/LEERE=moh/CLOSED MOUTH=keep calling/MILLIKEN CHAMBER=bodies/VILLES NOUVELLES=am ende einer wahrheit/CRYING VESSEL feat. SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=all that is real/CRUEL WONDERS=gentle doom e UIU=night drive 

terça-feira, 5 de março de 2019

Inside: MORTE PSÍQUICA= fado da vertigem/SPIRAL OF SILENCE=across/XYMOX=a million things/THE CULTURAL DECAY=fragile object/MÃO MORTA=anarquista duval/THE SOUND=fire/IST IST=strangers/P.J.HARVEY=yuri g./QUI VIVRA VERRA=the nothing/ORVILLE PECK=turn to hate/SONSOMBRE=in this fog/THE TWIST CONNECTION=evil(always wins)/LUR LUR=the river/THE SPECIALS= 10 commandments/SNEAKER PIMPS=polaroida e THE PURGE= is he alive 

terça-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2019

INSIDE: THE DREAMS NEVER END=cor da alma/DES ÂMES LIBRES=today not tomorrow/THE VILLIONS=guns and children/SYDNEY VALETTE=anarchy in the uk/ROSI=kirmes/AUS TEARS=cold/TOTENGELÄUT=ashes/THE CURE=in your house/IST IST=exist/SEACRYPT=glass eye/THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH=take me awry/A CERTAIN RATIO=all night party/PSYCHEDELIC FURS=soap commercial/ISOTROPIA=auto-da-fé of the god/THE TWIST CONNECTION=sweet little diamond e MAYFLOWER MADAME=a forest 

terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2019

INSIDE: SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=ich bin dead/DIÄT=nausea/ACTORS=mining for heart/INTO PARADISE=sleep/XYMOX=in the city/THE CARS=nightspots/LEERE=gleisdreieck/SIGLO XX=obsession/THE BLUEBEARDS CASTLE=deathtrap/THE CURE=the upstairs room/THE DROWNING SEASON=hollow/LOVE AND ROCKETS=the light/TOMB OF LOVE=ceiling death/SEDIMENT BRUISE=emergency response/AUTOPSIE D'UNE OMBRE=death e THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=darkness 

terça-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2019

INSIDE: THE TWIST CONNECTION=hey day/LEERE=viereck/SONSOMBRE=one way out of heaven/HUMAN=last exit before the crash/LOBBY=silly thoughts/DIÄT=we/SEDIMENT BRUISE=state of mind/MILLIKEN CHAMBER=death will come/ROME=black crane/RUSTIN MAN=judgement train/THE OPPOSITION=big room,small view/THE BLUEBEARDS CASTLE=motion/DIE SELEKTION feat. XARAH DION=unter die haut/TR/ST=gone/COSMIC WAVES=going south e UIU=the sorrow of yesterday