quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2023

INSIDE: URBAN SPACE=grey clouds/NLIGHT=lonesome path/KOMA KOMA=new choices/NÜRNBERG=los/MOONVAMPIRE=suicide/EXTRA BLEU CIEL=down by the water/PALISSADE=trop tard/THIS COLD NIGHT=manifestation/MANICURE=i've been waiting/VICTOR TORPEDO=journey of legacy/QUARTER LIFE=pending love/BRIDES=private apocalypse/INTO GREY=for you/DAVID EUGENE EDWARDS=weavers beam/SEA SHAPES=fate/LIVINROOM=a dream e ANDREW JÜNGER=the fall

quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2023

INSIDE: RITA BRAGA=illegal planet/GOLD ZEBRA=la ville/NOALLA=the seed inside/WHISPERING SONS=the talker/LIVINROOM=seagull/SO DEAD= I wanna meet your mother/PARTIKUL=fascist sons/GRIMMEL=72 hours/IST IST=all downhill/MOTORAMA=seagulls/QUARTER LIFE=falling/SILENT SIGNALS=she is in the shadows/MEKONG=shame/LUR LUR=soul queen(rough mix)/DARKWAYS=inexistence/THE CHURCH=realm of minor angels e YOUTH VALLEY=father forgets

quarta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2023

INSIDE: LIVINROOM=discolored/THE LIMINANAS=russian roulette/AFTER THE SIN=in my mind/ANSWERS=just for you/PINK TURNS BLUE=ghost/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=president gas/COLD I=dear john/URCO=promesas oscuras/ASH CODE=tear you down/MOONVAMPIRE=pathetic/THE HOUSE OF LOVE=christine/PARTIKUL=insect/INFERIOR COMPLEX=believe in me/NEILA INVO=preacher/BRAVE YOUNG YEARS=long thoughts,short arms/SAD MADONA=witch coast/BLEIB MODERN=lisa e CREUX LIES=aine's song

terça-feira, 5 de setembro de 2023

INSIDE: PARTIKUL=straight white line/UNICORN PARTISANS=dance again/GRIMMEL=72 hours/CONSTANT JOY=penetrate me/JENNI SEX=treasures/IST IST=all downhill/EDITORS=all sparks/AIERS=fall/SEX CODE=be/P19=no control/ISLA OLA=alles grau/A CERTAIN RATIO=all night party/A SLICE OF LIFE=2 faced/RED MECCA=new horizon/RITUAL HOWLS=blood red moon e CRUSTATION=flame

quarta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2023

INSIDE: THE LEGENDARY TIGERMAN=ghost rider/MY MANIFESTO=gone/NEW ORDER=everything gone green/DARK GRAY HOUSES=drown you/DECAY=christian hydrophobia/I WOKE UP CHINESE=last drop/THE SOUND=sense of purpose/RETROGRATH=mirror sentences/SEX CODE=scum/ANDREW JÜNGER=love/hate/DAVID BOWIE=dj/DAS NOIR=asphalt heart/DESMOND DOOM=love is quite nice/JOY DIVISION=disorder/DRESDEN=inevitable/NOKTVA=chaos e NOVITJOK=suicidal hands

quarta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2023

INSIDE: NEIV=close your eyes/SINE CITY=looking at me.looking at you/FACTICE FACTORY=cherry picker/THE FEELIES=gone gone gone/MARQUIS DE SADE=rue de siam/THE WANDS=she's electric/THE VEILS=dancing with the tornado/MERRY'S FUNERAL=black planet/SONSOMBRE=burn in heaven/NON-ALIGNAMENT PACT=end/THEIA TRAGODIA=siamese twins/OLMS & WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE=late at night/TRISOMIE 21=the last song/SID SUICIDE=talvez a perder/BAMBARA=jose tries to leave/THE DREAMS NEVER END=uvb 76/BRAGOLIN=tired eyes tired feet e THE HORRORS=machine

quarta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2023

INSIDE: THE WATERBOYS=september 1913/LIVINROOM=pain/PRIMARY DELUSION=existence spell/JENNI SEX=resistance/GREY GALLOWS=the cage/LUX YURI=yaroslav/OCCULTS=hot crucible/HANGWIRE=glimpse/THE FALL=c'n'c's mithering/SECTION 25=poppy fields/BEAUTY IN CHAOS=man of faith/DESOLATE MAN=winter/FACTICE FACTORY=weimar e FLEUR DU MAL=silence

quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2023

INSIDE: MÃO MORTA=tornados/CCTV=darkness/SEX CODE=rot/VIRGIN PRUNES=the moon looked down & laughed/MOONVAMPIRE=night/NIGHT CRICKETS=a free society/DAVID BOWIE=cactus/BAUHAUS=bite my hip/THE DAMNED=new rose/THE SOUND=calling the new tune/A SLICE OF LIFE=matterhorn/FLOR CONCRETA=followers/DRY CLEANING=viking hair/16 HORSEPOWER=24 hours/CACTUS PONCHOS=leave/HEFNER=the sad witch e ALL THEM WITCHES=l'hotel serein

quarta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2023

INSIDE: FLOATING ASHES=body & mind/SIGLO XX=body meet body/SCENE NOIR=refugee/THE BONE COLLECTORS=lucrecia my reflection/ALEXANDRO ESCOVEDO=footsteps in the shadows/THE REVENANTS=ghosts/THE SEMINAL SUN=play like a ghost/LUR LUR=full moon/DEGHERL=less than human/THE DREAMS NEVER END=illusion/DARKWAYS=madness/DANG DANG=liar/GRUPPO SPORTIVO=I worry every day/JOHN MERCY=riders in the sky/STRANGE RAINN=throned e BAUHAUS=the three shadows part2

quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2023

INSIDE: SELFISHADOWS=second skin/OLIVER DECROW=I close my eyes/SHE WANTS REVENGE=she will always be a broken girl/ALONE IN MY ROOM=dead city/DEAD CURTIS=again/KOMA KOMA=land/TEENAGE WASTELAND=allein/MOONVAMPIRE=pathetic/PATRICIA MORRISON=reflection/PATTI SMITH=are you experienced/SEX CODE=love will tear us apart/MONOFOX=corre corre zorrito/ENDLESS ME=feast upon the living e SLOWDIVE=skin in the game