sábado, 19 de setembro de 2020

 INSIDE: ADOLFO LUXURIA CANIBAL=o justo equilibrio/ROMA AMOR=more stoned/BLACK ANGEL=call the night/HOFFEN=whisper of the night/HOLY MOTORS=endless night/ROSETTA STONE=shock/THE ETERNAL AFFLICT=kinski is dead/THE COMPLETERS=parallel lines/CAPITALS=satelite/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=wrong train/SOPHIA=undone.again/THE WITCH WILL DIE TOMORROW=i heard a cry/BLOOD HANDSOME=atmosphere/KIND OF LIKE SPITTING=you/SEATEMPLES=chaosphere/ASH CODE=new terrorists e PROCESAMIENTO DIGITAL DE SENALES=soledad en las nubes 

sábado, 12 de setembro de 2020

INSIDE: STREET EMPTY=onde não existe nada/LUX YURI=live fast die single/SEATEMPLES=mis/DEATH BELLS=heavenly bodies/AFTER THE RAIN=foreigner/PARADOX OBSCUR=tale/AUSTERE MOON=leave the memory/DEAD ASTROPILOTS=giallo/CRYPTOCHROMA=shadowgame/BIRDS ARE INDIE=close but no cigar/USUALANIMAL=i smoke your fingers/TRISOMIE 21=the camp/YOUR LIFE ON HOLD=an old mans song/GLASSZONE=restless night/SWEET SPECTRA=under the bloody moon/HEXATE=sisters/BALLERINA BLACK=gravity e LAURA KRIEG=our bodies are dancing after all 

sábado, 5 de setembro de 2020

INSIDE: MORTE PSÍQUICA=domingo de primavera/LUX YURI=endorphin/InDECISION=ghost/BRAGOLIN=i go with you/YOUR LIFE ON HOLD=anywhere out there/PULSATIONS=bedwarfing virtues/AUSTERE MOON=marian/TRUCK STOP ALIEN feat. PARIS ALEXANDER & EIRENE=fainted/MARY=devouring me/THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA=a night like this/BLACK ANGEL=call the night/DEATH IN JUNE feat. ARCANJO=all pigs must die/CAPITALS=satelite/BLOOD HANDSOME=love lost/CRUEL REFLECTIONS=30 minutes or less/HOLY MOTORS=honeymooning/IG KLICK=sent e URCO=mother 

sábado, 29 de agosto de 2020

INSIDE: MOODY SWING THINGS=shake/CAPITALS=bombs/GLASS APPLE BONZAI=upstairs in the attic/LAS ERAS=frente a todos/HANGING GARDENS=la folie/RASKOLNIKOV=fire bombing/KILL SHELTER feat. HANTE.=kiss me goodbye/THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE=vad hande med dem/HOFFEN=shuriken/LONG NIGHT=its all gone/PARADISE COVE=inside/FONTAINES DC=you said/CRUEL REFLECTIONS=heaven or hell/THE WAVE PICTURES=kiss me/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=my time/ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT=here he comes e HUMAN=the challenge 

sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2020

INSIDE=THE BLACK ARCHER=silence sea and sky/LA GRAZIA OBLIQUA=fall apart/THE STAVE CHURCH=cold whispers/ROSETTA STONE=shock/VELVET KILLS=noise/EVIL HOUSE PARTY=wicked/ZERO LE CRÊCHE=last years wife/CAPITALS=crystal eye/OCTOBER BURNS BLACK=with you/ASHES FALLEN=we belong nowhere/THE LORDS OF NEW CHURCH=fallen men/THE COMPLETERS=end/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=the boy that invented rock n roll/UIU=almost/THE NAMES=revenge(live)1982 e ASH CODE=new terrorists 

sábado, 15 de agosto de 2020

INSIDE: MISIA feat. IGGY POP=la chanson d'helene/RAINY DAYS FACTORY=rip the veil/PARIS ALEXANDER feat. EIRENE=snowscape/INCIDENTES DE ROSWELL=strange memories/ABU NEIN=dying into a dance/MONOGRAMS=lines/NEON HELL=timelessness/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=hide the medicine/CAPITALS=desire/SIGNO 13=escaravelho coração/MEDICINE BOY=dead girl dress/USUALANIMAL=out of time/BLACK ROSE BURNING=outgunned/BLIND DELON=elle/THE VOODOO SPELLS=gallows tree/DRAB CITY=troubled girl e HUMAN=the challenge 

sábado, 8 de agosto de 2020

INSIDE: THE DREAMS NEVER END=dangerous game/DEUS FAUST=al di la del mare/RASKOLNIKOV=vij/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=wrong train/BLACK ANGEL=prisoner/ECHOBERYL=prisoner/HIGIENA=choroba mas/RITE=wasteland/DARKWOOD=chased by the swans/MECANO UN LTD=noble bliss/LORELEI=pale/PETER HAMMILL & GARY LUCAS=this is showbiz/RODOLPHE BURGER=lost lookin'/ELRIC & THE LIMIÑANAS=dirty back road/AUX ANIMAUX=stockholm synthrome/ROME=kali yuga über alles e CLAN OF XYMOX=black mirror 

sábado, 1 de agosto de 2020

INSIDE: THE PAPER ROAD=the night away/AXEL K.(SILKE BISCHOFF)feat. LORY FAYER=i wish/LUX YURI=henriette/ACCEPTANCE CORP.=nsr/FILIPPOVNYKA=dead nature/DARK NARROWS=dark psychology/A SLICE OF LIFE=sorrow/CRUEL WONDERS=lonely sits the city/THE LIMIÑANAS=calentita/COSTUME=collapsed star/ECHOES=child of the damned/DLINA VOLNY=i'm not allowed/GEOMETRIC VISION=letania/FORMATION=drugs/THE WATERBOYS=low down in the broom/PARANORMALES=harakiri/MARK BURGESS=sin/BLACK ANGEL=she said e BLIND DELON=cigarette 

sábado, 25 de julho de 2020

INSIDE: NU:N=gotas de la remembranza/BDRMM(BEDROOM)=happy/TOMORROW SYNDICATE=another world/DARK NARROWS=human hearts/CALEB J.=intertwine/PINK DEPRESSION=1460's/PUBLICS=hafen city/RASKOLNIKOV=sold dead souls/LAURA KRIEG=devant l'écran/SHADOW FIGURE=come down(yeah)/SLOW DANSE WITH THE DEAD=one tear drop/BALLERINA BLACK=microphones in the matress/TRUCK STOP ALIEN=slow heavy seconds/SURE=twenty years/SHE KEEP BEES=star stone skin e EXECUTIONER'S MASK=no funeral  

sábado, 18 de julho de 2020

INSIDE: POP DELL'ARTE=freaky dance/THE PAPER ROAD=nano 12 we hurt/NYLON NERVES=suicide fantasies/AKEL K.(SILKE BISCHOFF)=I wish/BLACK EGG=desire/THE BROTHERHOOD OF PAGANS=as the serpents do/CROSS WIRES=state funeral/DIRK VREYS=the cutter/LAURA KRIEG=ces cadavres/ROBERT CALVERT, A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS remix=over the moon/NICE COLD NATION=cycle/THROWING MUSES=bo diddley bridge/THE C33S=harpurhey hostility/BLUES PILLS=kiss my past goodbye/URCO=surrender and love/THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI=dead poets society/JOKER JASPER=moth e BELGRADO=panopticon