sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2021

INSIDE: THE PAPER ROAD=strangers lost/HONORATA=time will find us/OUM SHATT=tripped up laid low/MOTORAMA=pole star/ROME=parlez-vous hate?/FARLAKE feat.CARLO VAN PUTTEN=away/THE ROOM WITHOUT SUN=not my fault/YOUR LIFE ON HOLD=nowhere train/A PROJECTION=darwin's eden/CAPITALS=satlite/LEBANON HANOVER=hard drug/VITOR J. MOREIRA=cronos/WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION=dimmer/INAD MEMORIAM=quid pro quo/DEINE LAKAIEN=the walk/U2=until the end of the world e HAYLEY WILLIAMS=teardrop

sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2021

INSIDE: LUR LUR=lullaby/BDRMM(BEDROOM)=happy/JAPAN SUICIDE=do you remember marx/EXECUTIONER'S MASK=no funeral/COVERGIRL=paris burns/DARK NARROWS=human hearts/PUBLICS=recall/LEIHLA=in the summer for the night/WILD FLAG=boom/PINK DEPRESSION=1460s/THE EXPLODING BOY=dark city/RASKOLNIKOV=sold dead souls/DER NOIR=stranger's eye/RENMIN RIBAO=crush/GIRLS NAMES=malaga/SHADOW FIGURE=come down(yeah)/LOVE SPIT LOVE=long long time e THE FLAMING STARS=you don't always want what you get

sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2021

INSIDE: URCO=junkie of my dreams/NICE COLD NATION=borders/HERZEGOVINA=road of joys/BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat ASHTON=road to rosario/CULT WITH NO NAME feat. STEVEN BROWN & KELLI ALI=she sells incells/DARK LAKE WHISPERS=gelisin/POP DELL'ARTE=the king of europe/THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS=late night show/DAME BONNET feat. SCHONWALD=time to cry/SYDNEY VALETTE=how many lives/ROME feat. ALAN AVERILL=achtung baby/WALKABOUTS=cover of darkness/CHEMICAL WAVES feat. IAMTHESHADOW=to the deep/TOTENGELÄUT=haram/BRANDENBURG=colp-20 e S-Y-Z-Y-G-Y-X=fantasma

sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2021

INSIDE: HOMEM EM CATARSE=yo la tengo/GWENDOLINE=ames soeurs/CERULEAN VEINS=hello darkness/DYNAMMO=paranoia/INCIRRINA=the tyger/IAMTHESHADOW=the days/SIGLO XX=into the dark/BLACK BOX RECORDER=french rocknroll/ALICE GREAVES=affection/SECRET SIGHT=puddles/DOUBLE ECHO=the position/THE CURE=upstairs room/HOFFEN=hide from the world/SONS & DAUGHTERS=dance in me/IMAGE OF LIFE=the world is ended/THE WARS=differences/TALK TO HER=truth e THE CARS=you can't hold on too long

sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2020

INSIDE: ETERNAL SAD MODULATIONS=so dead inside/DEATH BY LOVE=when the lights come out/WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION=trumpets/SONIC JESUS=september 9th/PAAR=lakes/THE NAMES=the astronaut/NOTHING=hope(is just another word with a hole in it)/TALK TO HER=zodiac/THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL=atomic nº10/TRISOMIE 21=breaking down/TRAITRS=hand of holy fingers/THE FALL=bill is dead/THE KVB=sympathy for the devil/ACTORS=face meets glass/THE DREAMS NEVER END=vai/CALOMINE=klaus kinski e DES ÂMES LIBRES=nowhere

sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2020

INSIDE: MINDSLIDE=tomorrow/SOFT KILL=from this point on/FONTAINES DC=televised mind/MALCONTENT=she loves to hate/SNOW TRAIL=alpha omega/COLD SHOWERS=violent cries/PROTOMARTYR=i am you now/DEATH IN JUNE=the perfume of traitors/VILLES NOUVELLES=before death/RICHARD BUTLER=broken aeroplanes/JOHNNY GOTH=you are the reason/MORTE PSÍQUICA=fado da vertigem/CLAN OF XYMOX=i don't like myself/LUR LUR=soul queen/MOKEN=dreamers e MÃO MORTA=anarquista duval

sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2020

INSIDE: THE DREAMS NEVER END=dangerous game/ME AND THAT MAN=coming home/RASKOLNIKOV=vij/IST IST=nights arm/CLAN OF XYMOX faet. ANTIPOLE remix=loneliness/PALISSADE=je ne peux pas oublier/FRENCH POLICE=future past/BLOOD WITCH=hey little girl/THIS COLD NIGHT=the axe that grinds/LONG NIGHT=tick tock/THE WITCH WILL DIE TOMORROW=i heard a cry/PARADISE COVE=lost/THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS=no one/TRISOMIE 21=alice hexadecimal mix/JE T'AIME=spy glass/PSYCHE=goodbye horses e RITUAL HOWLS=alone together

sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2020

INSIDE: URZE DE LUME=entardece em mim/CULT WITH NO NAME=operation failed/THE BLACK ANGELS=half believing/WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION=mother of mary/LA GRAZIA OBLIQUA=alone/PAAR=beauty needs witness/ASTARI NITE=red letter day/UNLOVED=when a woman is around/NORMA LOY=andy warhols exhibition/SURE=another girl/THE GLUTS=that's me/PERVERSE STATE=flash/THE THE=dog of lust/SHE WANTS REVENGE=red flags and long nights/CABARET GREY=the reason/EUROPEAN GHOST=nothing changes e BETTIE SERVEERT=something so wild

sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2020

INSIDE: RODOLPHE BURGER=les danses anglaises/DEAD CURTIS=dark night of june/FRENCH POLICE=en la noche/DEAD MOON=killing me/ALAN VEGA=fireball/RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON=heading for the void/VISIONS FROM COLD POEMS=joyfull sorrow/WIRE=strange/FEU MA MERE=fashion dance/CLAIR OBSCUR=flowers/NEW TODAY=something more to fear/THE CLASH=guns on the roof/SPENDING EVERY SEASON IN HELL=a new flame/ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS=succumb/PORTION CONTROL=claw and scrape/FINAL BODY=lose health e THE NEW SACRISTY=train

sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2020

INSIDE: MÃO MORTA=tardes de inverno/IST IST=nights arm/THE OPPOSITION=in the heart/MAYFLOWER MADAME=ludwig meidner/DERRIERE LE MIRROIR=pictures/ME AND THAT MAN guest. SIVERT HOYEM=coming home/ROWLAND S. HOWARD=dead radio/SPENDING EVERY SEASON IN HELL=escape from sick city/THE BLUE VIOLETS=desire/LAS COBRAS=lo hacemos mal/STAN RIDGWAY=the big heat/BEHIND THE SCENES=horizon/SONS & DAUGHTERS=this gift/SMILEGROUP=los alisos/THESE NEW PURITANS=elvis/YOUR LIFE ON HOLD=i can feel every part/WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION=in your hand e THE ESSENCE=drifting in tears