sexta-feira, 20 de abril de 2012

Conteúdos Emissão 21 Abril

TRISTESSE CONTEMPORAINE - Empty Hearts CUBA CUBA - We Rode -cd Where Else Is Safe but the Road THE BLUE RUIN - Television Borderline SUNDAY MASQUERADE - Whats Wrong With You SHE WANTS REVENGE - Red Flags and Long Nights BRYGADA KRYZYS - Subway Train THE WAVE PICTURES - Stay Here & Take Care of the Chickens -cd Long Black Cars CLASS ACTRESS - Let Me Take You Out -cd Journal of Ardency BLACK TAMBOURINE - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA - Swallowed Cold Insanity GIARDINI DI MIRÓ - Time On Time CROOKED NECKS - New Dawn Fades JOY MUST REMAIN - Stand Still, Sway WRAYGUNN - Tales of Love MOONFACE - Faraway Lightning -cd Heartbreaking Bravery JIM WHITE - Stabbed in the Heart Divirtam-se

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