quarta-feira, 6 de março de 2013

try the light and you'll find
  try the light and you'll rise
  try the light and you'll shine
  try the light and you'll shine
  cold eyes down cold eyes down

INSIDE:The Coral Sea=Cold Eyes Down/The Always Unprofessional=I'm Sick & Tired of Absolutely Fucking Everything/Cloud Control=There's Nothing in the Water/The Other Side=Loneliness/Flowers of Hell=Atmosphere/This Kind of Punishment=Immigration Song/Claps=In Motion/Valery & The Greedies=Your Heart Is Shaking Hard/Carcrash International=Empirical Child/Cazals=To Cut A Long Story Short/Confield=Resolution/Fuzztones=Down On the Street/Aqua Nebula Oscillator=Under the Moon/Rayon Moon=Babies/International Noise Conspiracy=Satan Made the Deal/Todd Snider=Fortunate Son/Steven Brown=Decade e Anika=I Go To Sleep

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